Google Releases Related Website Listings for Google Toolbar!

Google Releases Related Website Listings for Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar is a useful browser modification utilized around the world. Installing this toolbar allows you to perform Google powered searches directly from your browser. The Google Toolbar has been out for some time, but Google Related is brand new. This new feature provides correlation between online data, creating potential for a new form of cross-site search engine optimization.

According to Google, “Google Related is a browsing assistant that offers interesting and useful content while you are browsing the web. For instance, if you’re browsing a page about a restaurant in San Francisco, Google Related will assist you by displaying useful information about this restaurant such as the location of the restaurant on a map, user reviews, related restaurants in the area, and other webpages related to San Francisco restaurants — all in one place.”

Google Related looks for interesting content related to the webpage you are on. It then displays this information on the bottom of the page. Content can be anything from images to videos to articles.

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