What is Google Brand Boost?

Google Brand Boost

Google Brand Boost is a new addition to Google search results. Why Google decided to do this is questionable. But before we get into all that, let me show you what it is. Take a look at the photo below.

google brand boostSo as you can see, certain brands and stores are called out at the top of the search rankings. This coincides with the brands featured in the Google wonder wheel tool.

Almost doesn’t seem fair, right? Why would Google allow certain brands to appear at the top of queries for certain highly trafficked keywords? Apparently, the idea is that it will allow consumers to distinguish the credible brands over the less established brands. My question would be, who made them the judge of a businesses worth.

Ok, ok I do not want to get carried away. Clearly, Google is in the business of ranking things. They are the judge of the value of all websites on the Internet, so I guess the are also the judge of companies now too. Regardless, I would be surprised if this featured stayed around long. It is simply too bias.

At this point this is only an experiment, something which Google has no lack of lately. Patricio Robles, a tech reporter for econsultancy.com recently wrote an article on this same topic, in which he expressed the following.

“The truth is that as good at search as Google is, search is tough and getting tougher. There’s a lot more chaff to sort through out there but at the same time consumers are expecting a search experience that’s much more efficient and effective. So it’s not really surprising that Google CEO Eric Schmidt once stated, ‘Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.’ Brands, after all, represent familiarity, reputation and trust.”

Robles seems to agree on some level that big brands should get their due credit in the search engines. Just because they are big players, inherently, they should have a better position. I am not sure this is true. That is almost like saying that we should give big brands the best store locations and the finest tables at restaurants without having to pay more.

Now I don’t want to put words in Robles’ mouth. He goes on to end his article by saying the following.

“While I’m not sure how viable it is for Google to boost niche brands in this fashion, Google shouldn’t overlook the potential benefits for everyone in letting smaller brands shine a little brighter in the SERPs too.”

Ultimately, the reason that the Internet has appealed to so many is because of the level playing field it provides. Now I am not Google, and I am not the person making the decisions, but just as one mans opinion, I sure hope they keep the search engines equal.

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