If you’ve been dreaming about the day when your Facebook friends actually pay attention to your wall posts, then EdgeRank may become your new best friend. EdgeRank is an algorithm Facebook uses to decide what content to post on a user’s Facebook News Feed.

So you ask me: Is there a way to manipulate this ‘EdgeRank’ thing? Why yes, yes there is and if you manage social media accounts on Facebook, it will be useful to know.

EdgeRank works

How EdgeRank Works

EdgeRank is determined based on three criteria: affinity, weight, and time decay. Affinity scores are given to friends based on how often the user engages with the friend. The more activity between the user and the friend (profile views, wall posts, messaging, ‘Likes’), the higher the affinity score.  Additionally, the relationship status between you and the friend affects affinity scores. So, for example, your cousin would have a higher affinity score than a random friend on Facebook, simply because of the ‘cousin’ relationship. In addition, a friend you Facebook contact more regularily than one you don’t will also have a higher affinity score. What this means is that your Facebook posts are more likely to appear on your cousin’s and friend’s news feed than on the news feed of a Facebook friend you rarely interact with.

On the other hand, weight is based on content. News posted on a user’s wall that incorporates a photograph will get a higher score than one that is a simple text update. In addition to this, a comment will receive more weight than a simple ‘Like.’ The rule with Facebook is that a weight score will be higher if you incorporate the following content (listed according to ‘weight’): photos, videos, links, status updates, and third party apps.

The last dimension of the EdgeRank algorithm is time decay. This concept is simple. Time decay affects the score of a user’s content. Basically, a more recent post will have a better score than an older post.

EdgRank in Action

Okay, so, let’s say you want everyone to know that you like a certain song. Not only should you state: hey everybody, this song’s pretty cool! But, you should add a link to the post. That way your Edgerank score will increase, and the likelihood of your Facebook buddies checking out your wall post will improve.

Increase EdgeRank with Videos

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