What are Rich Snippits? SEO Inc. Guide to Rich Snippits

What are rich snippits? Rich snippits are a new form of mark up that allow you to better dictate the information Google displays regarding your webpage. Right now, rich snippts are all the rage. Why? Well they are helping savvy Internet marketers display better data in search results. This allows them to increase CTRs and get more business to their website. There are variety of types of rich snippits. In this post, we will list a series of videos on rich snippits from Google. But first, let’s take a look at what rich snippits are.

Example of Event Rich Snippit

Videos on Rich Snippits

Now that we are clear on what rich snippits are we can watch a few videos to learn more about them.

Introduction to Rich Snippits

Types of Rich Snippits

Rich Snippits Events

Rich Snippits Product Search

Rich Snippits Reviews

Rich Snippits Recipe Markup

How to Notify Google About Rich Snippits

Rich Snippits for Applications

How to Troubleshoot Rich Snippits

More Information on Rich Snippits

Now that you have learned everything Google has to offer on rich snippits it is time to create a rich snippit of your own. By using the Google rich snippits testing tool you can create the rich snippit that makes the most sense for your website.

Rich snippits are becoming incredibly important for maximizing your search engine presence. If you have a question or comment about rich snippits please leave it below.

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