How Blogging Works with Social Media [VIDEO]

Blogging Through Social Media [VIDEO]

A while back I wrote a post on the perfect organic web presence. Since then many things have changed. The amount of distribution we are now capable of creating for clients online is really impressive. In fact, I have the feeling that with the new technologies we have developed, SEO Inc. clients will be very happy in 2011, both from an SEO and a social media marketing perspective.

While this is true, you still have to start your online marketing somewhere and not everyone is ready for the full package – a blog is a great place to being you efforts. This video on how blogging works with social media is really just an introductory posts on the subject. It has been created to relay the concept and to start generating ideas for the video viewer. Ultimately, SEO Inc. helps clients take this a step further by creating a larger distribution, great content, sound SEO methodology and viral marketing campaigns.

One thing I would like to comment on is that in this video I say you should blog about your new web page. The reason we often do this is to increase the amount of supporting content on that subject and to further internal linking. While that is the case, you can blog about much more, and if you only blog on your new web pages your blog will surely have a very poor following.

Notes on How Blogging Works with Social Media

Whenever you are engaged in online marketing it is advised to seek expert advice. The content you create and distribute online can have a large effect on your business. It is vital that the content be tailored to the correct audience and distributed properly. In addition, without a sound SEO strategy surrounding your content distribution there is a very good chance your efforts will not succeed to their full capabilities. That being said, good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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