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Who will win the U.S. Display Ad Network? Facebook, Google or Yahoo!? [Poll]

who will win the battle of us display networkAnswer the question below (there are no wrong answers), who will win the battle for the U.S. display network by 2015, Google, Facebook or Yahoo!? Read some compelling figures below.

While Google is still winning the battle for the overall U.S. online ad market, things look quite different when looking only at the U.S. display network. By 2012, Facebook is expected to own 23.8% of the U.S. display advertising network. While Google is only expected to own 16.7% and Yahoo! is projected to own 16.3%.

Facebook is climbing the ranks slowly in the total U.S. online ad marketing, but is dominating in the display arena.

After considering the latest news on the Google Panda update and recent strategic decisions at Facebook and Yahoo!, who do you think will win the battle over the U.S. display advertising network?

Who will be in the lead by 2015? Tell us what you think and why?

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