TwitterFox Twitter Management Tool for FireFox

TwitterFox Twitter Management Tool for Firefox

There are plenty of Twitter management tools out there to choose from for your social media marketing, so many that it is just downright confusing. I’ve tried plenty of them: TweetDeck, Digsby, Seesmic, etc. Some of these Twitter management tools are great, but I always come back to one. It’s a simple, lightweight tool that gets the job done. That tool is TwitterFox.

TwitterFox is part of the overall Echofon Twitter management tool set. Echofon has Twitter management tools for iPhone, IPad, FireFox and Mac. The TwitterFox tool is specifically meant for desktop Twitter account management. For mobile, I recommend Uber Twitter if you have a BlackBerry and the standard Twitter app if you have an iPhone. But let’s get back to TwitterFox.

Here is how TwitterFox Looks

Twitter Fox Example
Twitter Fox Example

As you can see it is a simple pop-up window which comes from the bottom right of your browser. It gives you the ability to toggle between friends, mentions and messages. In addition, if you click on the Twitter profile name in the upper right corner you can toggle between Twitter accounts.

Twitter Fox Example 2
Twitter Fox Example 2

If you would like to insert a link to the current page in your Tweet, you can simply click on the chain in the bottom left of the page. To reTweet a Tweet, just right click on a Tweet and select the reTweet option. You can also easily reply and favor accounts by selecting these options on individual Tweets.

Overall, I have always been a fan of this Twitter management tool. It is simple, it never crashes my browser and it gets the job done. If you are looking for something more advanced there are other options out there such as TweetDeck and Sessmic.

Do you have a favorite Twitter management tool? Tell us below!

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