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Twitter Search Speed Now Lightning Fast

By: | April 7, 2011 | View: 4014

In the past Twitter search was very slow. Those of us who have been using it since the beginning dealt with this struggle, among others, while the startup worked out the bugs. But good news all you social media marketing people, Twitter search is now 3 times faster. First, we’ll talk a little about how […]

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OK, let’s not put Twitter and Facebook in a vicious cage match against each other here. The two sites are really different animals. Sure, they both technically fall under the category of social networking sites. But when all things are considered they are actually quite different. One of the main ways they are different is that […]

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There are plenty of Twitter management tools out there to choose from for your social media marketing, so many that it is just downright confusing. I’ve tried plenty of them: TweetDeck, Digsby, Seesmic, etc. Some of these Twitter management tools are great, but I always come back to one. It’s a simple, lightweight tool that […]

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What is a Twitter, Anyway?

By: | February 9, 2011 | View: 8666

If you’re a technical neophyte, new to the social media or new the internet as a whole, or a few generations behind in consumer electronics, like myself, then you may have recently found yourself asking one or all of the following questions.

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Topsy Analytics Tool for Tracking Twitter

By: | February 1, 2011 | View: 10253

Topsy is a new Twitter analytic tool that provides valuable insight into the level of conversation surrounding certain keywords on the social media site. Topsy Twitter analytics allow you to track mentions of your domain name, Twitter name or any keyword on Twitter. In each of these categories you can add up to three pieces […]

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Selective Tweets

By: | January 26, 2011 | View: 11187

With social media sites consistently growing in popularity, so does the time we spend updating them. And while connecting your Facebook to your Twitter site seems harmless enough, doing the opposite is quite… annoying.

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