Twitter Updates Mention Tab and Adds New Activity Tab

Twitter Mention Tab Update and New Activity Tab

Twitter debuted two new features today designed to let users know what their followers are doing. The new features are suspiciously similar to items already displayed on the Facebook newsfeed. This could be Twitter’s attempt at getting a leg up on Facebook, or they could just be trying to make me spend even more time trolling Twitter.

@Mentions now @username

The first new feature is they changed the @mentions tab on the Twitter dashboard to @yourusername. By clicking on this tab you can now see who has mentioned you in tweets, which of your tweets have been retweeted and by whom, and who has recently followed you on Twitter. According to Twitter, this new tab is “a simple way to see what’s happening on Twitter in relation to you.” (Because if social media networks need anything it’s another way for users to make it all about themselves.)

New Activity Tab

Twitter also added a new Activity tab which shows “favorites, follows, retweets, and more by people you follow.” While most of the @username tab features were already on Tweetdeck, which Twitter recently acquired, this new activity tab reminds me especially of Facebook. You can see who has been followed by the people you follow and instantly follow them too. You can also see when the people you follow have added someone to a list, what they’ve retweeted, and what they’ve marked as favorites – so basically even more ways for me to stalk Robert Pattinson you to keep track of the people you follow.

I personally love the new @username because it’s a lot less complex than the bloated Mentions tab used to be. I can easily see when my tweets have been retweeted without getting an email, and I can see what types of tweets are most interesting to my followers. SEO Inc. will of course be utilizing these new features in our social media marketing services to provide even more customized service to our clients.

What do you think about the new Twitter tweaks? With new Twitter and Twitter photo sharing is it too much too soon?

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