Twitter Photo Sharing, Learn About Image Uploading on Twitter!

All About Image Uploading on Twitter

Although it has not been covered yet on the Twitter Blog, it appears Twitter photo sharing is here so you better know about it if you manage social media. This Twitter feature has been out for sometime, but it has not been available to all users, and now it is – exciting!

Now that this Twitter photo feature open to all, you should see an image such as the one below when you login.

Share an Image on Twitter
Share an Image on Twitter

As you can see, “Now you can upload and share images, right from Twitter! Just click the camera icon to add an image to your Tweet.”

To upload a photo to Twitter you simply need to click the photo icon. Twitter will preview the image for you in the lower left hand side of the update box.

Key Points on Twitter Photo Sharing from Twitter Support

  • Twitter images must be 3MB or smaller
  • The image will be scaled so that it fits in right sidebar
  • Once you upload the image you will see the character count. Images take up characters.
  • You can delete Twitter images by clicking “x”
  • If you click a Tweet in a news steam you can preview it in the panel to the right.
  • Why are Twitter Photos powered by Photobucket? This just means the images are hosted by Photobucket That is how they do it, don’t ask us why 🙂
Twitter Photo Example
Twitter Photo Example

So those are some of the important points, but let me tell you the rest. Although Twitter is taking on this photo sharing feature, they will not stop supporting Flickr, Twitpic or yFrog. These are still great ways to share photos on Twitter.

The only way to comment on Twitter photos is by replying to a Tweet containing the image. There are no galleries at this point, but this feature is coming soon. Twitter has stated that images could show up in search, so be careful what you Tweet! This is of course unless you have a protected account.

Overall, it is nice to see Twitter taking on more functionality. Twitter has had a lack of features since day one, we are glad to see them taking something back.

From a social media marketing and search engine optimization perspective, we now have just one more way to promote content online.

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