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Twitter Launches Analytics

One of the major drawbacks to Twitter has been the lack of analytics. It is really a pain to manually aggregate information from Twitter and import it into a format that is aesthetically pleasing enough to present to the head of marketing, anyone in social media marketing knows this. Well soon, Twitter will be offering analytics, and it’s about time…

This is the type of analytic information Twitter provided before, finally, they are taking it up a notch.
This is the type of analytic information Twitter provided before, finally, they are taking it up a notch.

Twitter analytics will track how many mentions, follows, unfollows, favorites, ReTweets and @replies your Twitter account gets within a given time frame. As of right now it appears the platform will be geared towards Promoted Tweets, the ones that Twitter makes you pay for. Figures, right?

On top of the aforementioned Twitter analytic capabilities, the reporting will also offer insight into Tweet impressions and clicks. Tweet impressions are simply how many times your Tweet has appeared in someone else’s profile. This will be directly proportionate to how many people follow you and how many ReTweets that Tweet receives. Previously we would calculate this manually, it is great to have this addition to Twitter analytics.

This information was just released regarding Twitter analytics, and we do not expect the offering to hit the mass public until the end of 2010 or early 2011. While this is the case, Twitter analytics will do a great deal to allow us to track the effectiveness of Twitter. Twitter analytics will also give us insight into the reach of our viral campaign efforts.

I for one welcome Twitter analytics and am glad to see the website continue to grow. It is funny; I remember when we first starting using Twitter in 2006. Everyone said it would fail in a year. Guess they were wrong. Twitter may very well be the Yahoo of the future. It already seems like Facebook is the next Google – based on a comparison of rapid growth and success of course.

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