Are Twitter Expanded Tweets the Answer to Twitters Problems?

Will Twitter Expanded Tweets Solve Twitter Problems?

The name says it all, expanded Tweets. This can be rephrased as Tweets that expand, Tweets that grow or Tweet content previews. Call it what you want, Twitter has just launched a way to show more Tweet info and many believe it is the Yang to Twitters Yin.

According to an article written on the Marketing Land blog, “The new functionality allows any Tweet that contains links to partner websites the ability to pull images, preview content, play videos and more, directly from the tweet.”

How exciting right?! We can now preview the content before we are forced to click that pesky link and leave the webpage we are on. Let’s see what it looks like.

Say I am on my Twitter profile @garrygrant. I see a Tweet I am interested in and click expand. I would see more than what was there before.

This Twitter expand feature also works well on mobile phones.

So that is it. No need to go into further detail. You can now expand your Tweets. So expand away!

But the real question is, are Twitter expanded Tweets the answer to Twitters problems?! What do you think? Does this make Twitter more attractive to advertisers and users?

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