Tumblr Explore Encourages Users to Tag Posts

Tumblr Explore Uses Tag Posts Often

Tumblr has just introduced the new Tumblr Explore page. This page lists tag based categories which allows you to browse through Tumblr posts based on the tagged subject you choose.

This new Tumblr feature is a welcome addition. Think of it as being similar to StumbleUpon (or Twitter hastags), first you select a theme and then you are presented with tons of posts on the subject.

The new explore page gives Tumblr users an exciting new way to get eyes on their posts. This has been a common issue with Tumblr previously. While the site has always been easy to post to, the blogs often have low visibility in search engines. Tumblr blogs and blog posts consistently have a tough time getting indexed by Google and cross pollination between bloggers is rarer than one would expect, especially when considering the shared back-end functionality. This new Explore feature will be a step towards fixing this, and overall, gaining more exposure. However, it will be interesting to see if Google decides to index the tagged URLs or the actual blog URLs. My guess is they will go for the tags, but only time will tell. If this is the case, SEO experts may be working hard to gain links and get posts in these popular tags.

Another great addition to Tumblr Explore is the activity feature which shows the amount of posts being submitted under that tag over a period of time. This shows users what the most popular subjects are to post to. In this same section users can see Top Editors, or the person posting the most to this tag.

All in all Tumblr is attracting more users and traffic everyday. The new Tumblr Explore feature will only fuel the sites growth.

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