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Top Stories in Social Media Marketing – 2/10/2011 – 3/02/2011

In this post we review the top stories in social media marketing from 2/10/2011 through 3/02/2011/

Google Shows Social Media Shares in Search Results
Google is now intermixing social media share data with search results. This change will allow searchers to see what content their friends have shared surrounding specific search queries. We expect this to have a large effect on conversions and traffic in the future.

Facebook Improves Comments Plugin!
Facebook has once again reinvented itself by making drastic improvements to the Facebook comments plugin. This widget is amazing. Hook it up to your site and when people comment on a post their comments will automatically appear on Facebook. In addition, if someone comments on a Facebook comment that will be added to the website. Also, if someone clicks on a comment link on Facebook they will be taken back to the website. Think of the traffic implications!

150 Social Media Sites you Should Know
There are so many social media sites out there today it’s hard to know where to spend your time. We compiled a list of the top 150 social media sites on the internet and are working with clients to secure profiles on all of these sites (we have a service called brand expansion which does this) and then we syndicate to a handful of these websites.

Creating a Worldwide Facebook Contest: What You Need to Know
We have recently worked with a few clients on worldwide contests. This can be a little bit tricky in some cases. If you are considering a worldwide social media contest here are some things you should keep in mind.

Tumblr Explore Encourages Users to Tag Posts
Tumblr is one of the coolest and fastest growing social media sites out there but it has been really hard in the past to get Tumblr blogs indexed by Google. With the new Tumblr Explore feature this may all change.

Facebook Previews new Page Updates
Facebook just came out with a new round of updates to Facebook pages. Download the free whitepaper on this subject.

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