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52 Top SEO News Sites and Blogs to Increase your SEO Skills

The world of SEO is ever changing and you need to stay on top of the latest news. In order to do that, you need some of the best resources around. We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 SEO news sites and blogs to keep you in the know. Read on to find out more.

1.       Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land logo

Editor-In-Chief Danny Sullivan keeps this site running with articles on SEO, SEM, social media, and all things search.

2.       Mashable

Mashable logo

Pete Cashmore, the CEO and founder of Mashable, created a site not only for social media and SEO news, but also for technology and business news as well.


3.       Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch Logo

With industry information to mobile tips to analytics updates, SEW gives its readers some of the best information on the web.


4.       Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal Logo

SEJ has been featured in many venues, such as CNN and The Huffington Post. The managing editor, Melissa Fauch, has more than 7 years experience in web development, blogging, SEO and social media.


5.       ClickZ

ClickZ logo

ClickZ offers one of the largest resources of industry information on SEO, social media, technology, and trends.


6.       Search Engine Brief

SEBrief logo

Not only does SEB provide readers with articles and blog posts about SEO, SEM, PPC and link building, but it also provides the site in four different languages for international readers.


7.       Search Engine Round Table\

Search Engine Round Table

This award winning site focuses mostly on SEM with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but also provides information about link building, SEO tools, and search news.


8.       Marketing Pilgrim

Marketing Pilgrim Logo

Marketing Pilgrim consistently updates the site with new articles on the latest and greatest news in search and social, and even reputation and analytics.


9.       Search Marketing Standard

Search Marketing Standard Logo

SMS was launched in early 2006, and has grown to a resource read and used by over 50,000 search engine advertisers and marketers each quarter focusing on PPC and SEO.


10.   ReveNews

Revenews Logo

Initially launched in 1998, this site has grown to offer information on online marketing, SEM, e-commerce and analytics.


11.   Daily SEO Blog

Daily SEO Blog Logo

Mani Karthik runs this site and gives readers a slew of information on blogging, SEO trends, startup news and web design.


12.   Search Engine Freak

Search Engine Freak Logo

SEF primarily focuses on SEO news, traffic news, along advertising and marketing information. The author Vijayraj Reddy encourages guest posts to provide readers with the most comprehensive subject list to choose from.


13.   SERPd

SERPd Logo

SERPd administrator Chris Burns keeps this news site running with the latest news on SEO, link building, blogging, copywriting, and social media.


14.   SEO Centro

SEO Centro Logo

This site provides the latest SEO news with articles focusing on social networking, e-commerce and SEM.


15.   SEO Chat

SEO Chat Logo

With articles and forums to suit readers’ needs, this site provides valuable insight into the industry with news on site design, Google optimization, and search engine news.


16.   Reel SEO

Reel SEO Logo

Specifically for online video marketing, Reel SEO gives video makers the best resources for analysis, tips, and trends for online video and internet marketing.


17.   Chitika

Chitika Logo

Chitika gives readers technology information and search engine news for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


18.   SEO-News

SEO-News Logo

SEO-News is a three tiered newsletter, SEO resource site and SEO discussion forum aimed towards webmasters and site owners.


19.   AllFacebook

AllFacebook Logo

As the unofficial Facebook blog, AllFacebook focuses mostly on information in social media.


20.   SiteProNews

Site Pro News Logo

SiteProNews is another webmaster resource featuring articles on business, search engines and social media.


21.   Marketing Vox

Marketing Vox Logo

MarketingVox is a practical news resource with emphasis on social media, mobile marketing, web analytics, and e-commerce.


22.   WebmasterWorld

Webmaster World Logo

WebmasterWorld caters to webmasters, site owners, and site developers. It gives readers access to information on code, content, hardware, OS technology, and browser news.


23.   WebSearchGuide

Web Search Guide Logo

Authored by Gwen Harris, this blog focuses primarily on search tools and search news.


24.   AllTop

Alltop Logo

If you’re looking for an easy way to scan the latest news articles, AllTop is the way to go. As an aggregate of SEO information, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without clicking through hundreds of sites.


25.   Blogstorm

Blogstorm Logo

With over 1.2 million readers every year, Blogstorm has become the biggest UK based blog discussing internet marketing and SEO news and strategies.


26.   Webmaster Central Blog

Google Webmaster Central Blog Logo

If you like your search news to come straight from the horse’s mouth, this is where to get it. Directly from Google, you’ll have access to the latest Google news right when it’s available.


27.   Inside AdWords

Inside AdWords Logo

Like Webmaster Central, Inside AdWords is the official Google blog to get the latest advertising news.


28.   The Search Agents

The Search Agents Logo

Not only does The Search Agents website provide information on SEO and SEM, but also analytics and consumer experience as well.


29.   StayOnSearch

Stay On Search Logo

StayOnSearch is dedicated to giving readers valuable information on SEO and SEM, as well as blogging and site development.


30.   Search Engine Guide

Search Engine Guide Logo

Directed towards small businesses, Search Engine Guide allows readers to learn about analytics, blogging, social media, and mobile marketing.


31.   John Battelle’s Search Blog

Search Blog Logo

Run and authored by John Battelle, this blog is the perfect resource for social media information, small business strategies, and online marketing.


32.   Understanding Google Places and Local Search

Understanding Google Maps Logo

While this blog is highly centered on Google maps and local search, it provides valuable insights towards Google’s local search for small businesses.


33.   GetElastic

Get Elastic Logo

This site was named one of the 15 entrepreneur blogs worth reading by the Wall Street Journal. Readers get access to SEO and SEM best practices, detailed how-to’s, and analysis of digital commerce research.


34.   Friday Traffic Report

Friday Traffic Report Logo

Jack Humphrey and Jim Stroud run this site based on all things traffic. From blogging to SEO and RSS feeds, their weekly updates are held on Google Hangouts and uploaded to the site.


35.   1918

1918 Logo

This blog is run by Phil Buckley and focuses on social networking, social media, and SEO information.


36.   Daily SEO Tip

Daily SEO Tip Logo

Loren Baker founded Daily SEO Tip. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he is also an editor at Search Engine Journal. DST focuses on white hat link building, blogging, local SEO and social media.


37.   Search Engine Optimization Journal

Search Engine Optimization Journal Logo

Nick Stamoulis writes this blog that talks about SEO, choosing keywords, the importance of content and tips for small businesses.


38.   State of Search

State of Search Logo

State of Search is an award winning blog with high quality content that focuses on SEO tips, social media, link building, the latest search news.


39.   WebProNews

Web Pro News Logo

WebProNews is a comprehensive resource for news and tips related to search, social, developing and business.


40.   Search Cowboys

Search Cowboys Logo

Search Cowboys is a weblog about search conversion and social media marketing, and covers the latest search and social news in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.


41.   PC Advisor

PC Advisor Logo

This United Kingdom based site offers information about technology news, search engine news, product reviews and how-to’s.


42.   Practical E-Commerce

Practical eCommerce Logo

This blog features articles aimed towards SEO and brand expansion with topics like how to use sites like Pinterest to boost e-commerce sales.


43.   SEM News Daily

SEM News Daily Logo

SEM News Daily has articles on SEM news, organic search results, paid and PPC ads, as well as analytics and programming to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of online marketing.


44.   Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Logo

As another aggregate of information from various sources around the web, this site offers techniques on web optimizing, the latest search news, and social media news.

45.   Social Media Today

Social Media Today Logo

This site talks primarily about social media, but also mobile practices and blogging practices as well.

46.   PandoDaily

Pandodaily Logo

Sarah Lacy is the founder of PandoDaily, which is a site that talks about top news concerning social sites and search engines.

47.   All Things D

All Things D Logo

All Things D offers readers the latest news in social, search, commerce and mobile marketing. It also offers readers access to the top news from other websites as well to get you the best information possible.

48.   The Next Web

The Next Web Logo

This site offers a unique perspective on the international news of business, technology, and culture. This includes social media and SEO news on a global and national level.

49.   TechCrunch

Tech Crunch Logo

With the latest social media and technology news, TechCrunch delivers information about Facebook, Apple, Google, and other highly relevant industry news.

50.   Marketing Charts

Marketing Charts Logo

If you’re looking for graphics, Marketing Charts has them. This unique news site features charts and graphs of every kind to illustrate audience engagement, social media services, search results and much more. With the latest news represented in bar graphs and pie graphs and any other kind of graph you can think of, you’ll never be uninformed.

With all the information available on these sites, you’ll stay up to date on top industry news and information, best practices, and tips and tricks. The SEO and marketing industry is constantly changing, and we hope that these sites and information will help keep you in the loop. Happy searching!

51: Marketing Land

Marketing Land





Excellent source for overall marketing news.

52: SEOmoz Blog





SEOmoz has a leading blog that any search engine optimization expert should check out. This blog can get very technical and really covers the nitty-gritty of SEO. Lead by Rand Fishkin, this is a blog to check at least once a week.

Did we miss a SEO blog or news site that you love? Add a comment below!

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