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Top 5 PPC Wishes for 2009

Now that 2008 is coming to a close, we can look forward to a fresh start in January. The time has come to declare what we need as marketers for pay per click marketing for the New Year. We’ve been promised grand features, bells, whistles and more; but for some reason we’re still wondering what “really” goes into quality score. So listen closely to what the major search engines should have at the top of their list, if it doesn’t include these items we know their PPC plans are amiss.

  1. Desktop Editor for Yahoo and MSN

    • Although Yahoo’s importing feature has improved immensely over the last year and a half, a Yahoo Editor would be taking it to the next level. Benefit: The time has come for quicker uploads, easy updates and efficient evaluation. “View Errors” would be a thing of the past and you could finally use the Yahoo medium to its full potential.
    • MSN is in dire need of a local editor program. Benefit: By using an editor for MSN you would no longer have to wait for your Media Specialist to upload your campaigns or make mass changes for you. This means staying on track with deadlines and increased productivity.
  2. New Advanced Reporting for All

    • Google, Yahoo and MSN need to integrate conversion metrics into every report and include a selection within Report Creation for geo-targeted totals. Benefit: By measuring where the most conversions are occurring by day and time you could determine when your day parting was going to be the most effective. Having the ability to see automated totals for each region provides a snapshot of the region’s performance as a whole and helps you decide what regions are worth advertising in.
    • Yahoo needs to include campaign structure within their URL report and add the hourly feature to their Daily report. Benefit: By running URL reports you could accurately assess how your landing page tests are progressing and make changes based on the metrics. Having the hourly feature would show what times of day have a positive or negative impact on your campaign; giving you the option to adjust accordingly.
  3. Yahoo Day Parting & Advanced Bidding

    The ability to run your campaigns during peak shopping hours or turn off your campaigns at the least converting times of day is a must have for 2009. Benefit: Not only would you be able to save money on clicks that are meaningless, but your Yahoo campaign could be consistent with Google & MSN. If you wanted to maintain visibility during a low converting time of day using advanced ppc bid management would ensure that you could control those maximum bids during those times.

  4. New Reporting & Features for Yahoo Content Campaigns

    Yahoo’s content match option showed a lot of promise in the beginning, but us paid searchers want more. Using content in Yahoo is a risky business; for one, you don’t know where your ads are being placed and two, you can only exclude domains on an account level. Benefit: By incorporating a placement report for content campaigns, you could see where your ads were being displayed and how effective those placements really are. Having the ability to exclude websites on a campaign level would give you the ability to have several content campaigns running at once, each with their own objective.

  5. Google Website Optimizer: What about Analytics?

    The Website Optimizer is an excellent tool that is provided free to AdWords users, but for some reason the ability to measure its activity within Google analytics is not available. This conversion optimization tool is integrated within AdWords so you can easily access the feature from your account; however the metrics are divided from your campaign metrics so you are unable to see the direct impact of the test. Benefit: By seeing the results with your Google Analytics or campaign metrics you could observe the impact of the test on your current running campaigns and your website.

Our top 5 wishes are simple at best, so hopefully we can put the search engines to the test. There is plenty to improve upon that didn’t make the cut, but we have some confidence that the search giants know what’s up. We wait with great anticipation for all that 2009 will bring. We hope one day, many search engine praises we’ll sing.

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