3 Things you Must Know Before Creating a Facebook Page

Social Media Marketing is the latest marketing strategy to promote your business online and it can also work well in conjunction with your search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns. The world’s largest social network Facebook now has  over 400 million users. Over 54% of the largest 100 international companies have a page on Facebook for their brand, business and expertise. So is it time for you to also create a presence on Facebook and start connecting with your customers? Of course it is but there are a few technical things you should know before creating your Facebook business page.

Your Facebook Page Category Cannot be Changed

The first item to complete when creating page will be to select the proper category. It’s not currently possible to edit the category page once you have created the page. If you would like to change your category you will need to delete your page and start over. Are you creating a page for your company brand or for a local business? So make sure you are choosing the appropriated category.

Your Facebook Page Name Cannot be Changed

It’s not currently possible to edit the name of a page. If you would like to change your page name, you will need to delete your page and start over. You might be thinking about having a page for a specific line of products or for the family brand so brainstorm before your action since it will be final.

Your Facebook Page Username Cannot be Changed

This is my favorite feature and it is a one more great way to promote your business’s name. Since the 2nd semester of 2009, you can personalize your page URL by choosing a username – www.facebook.com/<companyusername>, but you need to have at least 25 Facebook users “like” your page before you are eligible to choose your username. And one more time, once you claim your username you will not be able to edit even if it was a small typo.

If you keep those 3 very important things in mind when creating your page you will save yourself from a big frustration of having to start over especially if you have already started interacting with your customers and built a following.

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