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The Top 50 Facebook How-To Posts: The Ultimate Facebook Guide

SEO Inc. has created the Ultimate Facebook Guide. This post lists the top 50 Facebook “How-To” posts. If you want to know how to do something on Facebook, chances are it is listed here. If it is not, leave a comment at the bottom of this blog and we will add it!

The top 50 Facebook How-To Posts

1. How to Use Facebook Places For Your Business
How to have your business show up within Facebook Places in order to track the people who are stopping by your store, office, or venue by claiming your location as yours and merging your place and your page.

2. How To Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns
This article outlines how to build and track the most effective ad campaigns using Facebook’s self serve solution.

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3. How To Create Your First Facebook Page Advertisement
The setup process of how to put an advertisement on Facebook, and how to manage a Facebook page advertising campaign is outlined here.

4. How To Use Facebook for Professional Networking
How to tap into the professional community on the world’s largest social network and maximize the value from Facebook features that work for professional networking.

5. How To Post to Both Twitter & Facebook
5 Quick and easy ways to auto-update a Facebook status or wall post with Tweets is here.

6. How To Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook
How to manage your online reputation by building yourself as a personal brand is here.

7. How To Integrate Facebook With Your Blog
Get additional exposure for your website or blog content using the best plug-ins and tools

8. How To Update Fans on Facebook
This video outlines how and when to update fans from a Facebook business page and how to segment updates based on age, sex and location

9. How to Increase Your EdgeRank Score to Enhance Visibility of Content
Instructions for manipulating affinity, weight, and time decay of content to increase the likelihood your content will show up in friend’s news feeds.

10. How To Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page
Using the Facebook profile migration tool, easy steps are provided to convert Facebook Profiles into a Facebook business page.

11. How to Get Your Page Ranked Number One in Facebook Search
How to show up first when people search for a keyword related to your page

12. How to Create a Worldwide Facebook Contest
How to accommodate to Facebook’s rules about hosting and giving prizes in contests

13. How to Add Facebook Insights to your Website
How to begin acquiring insights data to track social activity between a website and Facebook Page

14. How To Launch Facebook Skype Video Chat
A brief overview depicts the process of enabling and using video calling within Facebook

15. How To Rent Movies On Facebook
Fans can interact and share parts of films while renting them online. Find out how to control your social viewing experience

16. How To Use Facebook Social Plug-ins on Your Website
How to build social capabilities into all aspects of marketing effots to turn customers into brand advocated at every turn.

17. How To Quickly Customize Your Facebook Page To Attract More Fans
Simple steps to step up the presence of your Facebook Page and distinguish a brand through customization

18. How To Convert Website Visitors To Facebook Likes
A review of the different benefits of each type of Facebook social plug-in

19. How To Use A/B Testing to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising ROI
A brief overview on how to compare two ads against each other to effectively test, measure and optimize your ads to ensure that you get maximum results.

20. How to Approach and Extend Engagement Conversion Architecture
How to optimize web pages in order to convert passive visitors into active participants

21. How to Use Custom Facebook Tabs to Give Fans More
How to give effective incentive to entice visitors into Liking your Facebook page

22. How To Read & Use Facebook Analytics For Your Page
How to monitor users’ social interaction using Page Insights

23. How To Use Occupational Targeting In Facebook For B2B Leads & Sales
How to directly target advertisements based on people’s place of employment

24. How To Visually Map Your Facebook Friends
Use a Google Maps mashup “Where My Friends Be?” to visualize where your friends are.

25. How to Post From Google+ to Facebook & Twitter
How to sync your G+ posts to Twitter & Facebook feeds using ManageFlitter

26. How To Keep Your Facebook Secure
Here’s how you can turn on HTTPS support to keep your information safer

27. How to Create a Facebook Profile
The bare bone basics of creating a social profile on the largest social media network

28. How to Create Facebook Friends List
How to filter your news feed to improve the amount of relevant information

29. How To Use Facebook’s @Mentions Status Tagging
Using the tag feature to indicate other users, pages, groups or events in status updates

30. How to Get Rid of Annoying Facebook Notifications
Easy steps to receive only important notifications from friends

31. How to Add 8 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page
A guide to keeping fans coming back by staying relevant through continuous updates

32. How Nonprofits are Using Facebook
How to utilize the power of Facebook to support a worthy cause

33. How To Make Facebook Your Company Newsroom
The way to provide and manage news information about your business to reflect what you want out in the public

34. How To Use Facebook As a Journalist
How to use Facebook as a media company to connect with communities involved with stories, find sources, and generate leads.

35. How To Organize an Event on Facebook
A guide on how to arrange offline events using Facebook, ranging from small friendly get-togethers, to company picnics, to enormous political protests.

36. How to Manage a Facebook Group
When you need to promote something quickly or are looking to foster a stronger sense of community, these steps will show you how to use Facebook Groups best.

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37. How to Do Good On Facebook
How to put the app platform to use for social good.

38. How to Use Facebook Apps to Combat Workday Blues
Here are 5 Facebook Apps that will make your days just a little bit brighter.

39. How to Use Apps for Doing Business on Facebook
A comprehensive guide to using over 30 apps to help promote, network, communicate, collaborate and accomplish more with your business.

40. How to Use Facebook For Fantasy Football
Insight on how Facebook can be used to run a league and communicate with friends for drafting and roster tips

41. How to Live A Private Life on Facebook
Tips for altering privacy settings to protect your privacy

42. How to Add Facebook Questions to Your Brand Page
Learn how to use the new version of Questions to survey customers or crowdsource information from readers here.

43. How to Use Facebook like PR Professionals
Discover advice to building a solid base of content and community

44. How to Score A Job Through Facebook
Here are five ways to turn Facebook into another resource that can help you land a job

45. How to Find Long Lost Friends on Facebook
Here is a guide of different ways to get daily updates on the lives of friends you’ve lost touch with from all over the world.

46. How to Block FarmVille on Facebook
Here we’ll show you how to hide all those FarmVille news feed updates and notifications without burning any bridges with your passionate social gamer friends.

47. How to Send A Real Gift on Facebook
This how-to guide shows send actual gifts via Facebook.

48. How Schools Can Use Facebook to Build an Online Community
Here are some ways that schools can benefit from establishing an effective Facebook presence.

49. How to Moderate Facebook Comments
Step by step instructions on how to moderate your Facebook comments

50. How to Effectively Manage a Facebook Community
5 great tips for managing a community on Facebook.

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