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SEO and Social Media: The Perfect Organic Web Presence

One of the best things about having a web presence is that it can always be improved. Whether you need to refine your search engine optimization, convert higher on pay per click, social media, design or code, there is always something you can do better.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the perfect organic web presence looks like. With this in mind, I have created this brief image. I’m sorry to say that it is not perfect, but it is pretty close for a general representation.

As you can see, everything should be filtered through your blog. This gives you the opportunity to produce new content, add new keywords and have another high ranking URL extension.

Once that piece of content has been created it can be re-purposed for article sites, posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. When you create a YouTube video it should be added to your blog and commented on, keeping in mind all best blogging practices, cross linking, keywords, etc.

When you publish a piece of content it goes out to your RSS feed subscribers. That feed is then automatically populated on sites which are set to publish your feed. This automatically gives you an inbound link with your article title as the keywords.

The blog content also gives you something to put in your eNewsletters. Plus, you can always issue press releases about the information in your blog or on your site to stimulate linking.

All in all the blog is your hub. It is the center of your content creation and SEO existence. But there is much more to it then that. There are some many things you can do to have all of these entities ranking first page for branded search terms. That is where SEO Inc. comes in.

Have ideas on the perfect web presence? Add them below!

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