The Mobile Photo Sharing Revolution is Upon Us

Mobile Photo Sharing Revolution Comign Soon

Don’t act like you haven’t noticed it, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Photobucket, (insert 150 other media sites) people are sharing photos everywhere. Photo sharing is literally taking over. In fact, Mashable recently predicted that mobile photo sharing will be one of the biggest things in 2011. I couldn’t agree more. But what do you need to know to take advantage of this new trend?
Photogenic Products Win
If you make a product you’re going to want that product to be photogenic. You may not always have control over the photo taken of course, but you do have control over the presentation of the product when you release it. There are really two kinds of product shots that are often shared through social, aesthetically pleasing product photos and really ugly product photos, intended to convey the buyer’s displeasure with the product. The less product photos you have which fall into the latter category the better.

Tagging and Uploads will be Big
Photos and tagging go hand-in-hand. If someone takes a photo, they often want that photo to be associated with a person, place or thing. This can actually be a good thing. If someone takes a photo of your product and tags themselves and their friends in it, their friends will be alerted and your product will get exposure, you may even get a few fans out of it. Currently on Facebook you cannot tag a business page, but this will most likely change soon. When it does it will become an extremely valuable social media marketing tool. Until then, users can still upload their product shots to their own pages. If they want to be absolutely sure your product is associated with the photo, then they can upload it to your wall.

Less Word Count
With more photos comes less writing. A photo says 1,000 words, and many people are too fast paced to sit down, take a breath and write a quality piece of content any more. This is OK though in some cases. Blogging platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, etc. have made it very easy to update new photos and text to your blog with a few clicks of a button from your mobile phone. Expect to see more photos and shorter posts across the board. The people who take the time to write a quality piece of content will enjoy better indexing though.

Less Photo Value
In accordance with the law of diminishing returns, the more you have of something the less valuable it is. While years ago photos were a rarity, now they are flooding the social media sites. Social media users are now comfortable and unafraid to post a picture. This has made it so that photos now get less comments and attention. Of course, they are still vital to social media updates and community management .

More Video is Next
Now that photos are acceptable across the board on all social sites, people will naturally move more into video and become increasing comfortable with the medium. Expect to see more user submitted videos moving forward.

What Does this Mean for your Business?
People are beginning to expect multimedia online when making certain purchasing decisions, so they will want to see the same from your business. People want to evaluate the faces behind the company, view product shots, see photos from events and watch videos, etc. Social media and new advances in mobile photo  integration give you the opportunity to easily make this happen. Make sure you are giving the consumer what they want and taking full advantage of the social media marketing revolution, which is quickly becoming one of the best ways to promote your business online.

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