The History of Google + [Infographic]

The History of Google +

Today, millions of users have either heard of or have a Google + account.  But many may not know how it all started. Although it is a fairly young social media network when compared to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, Google + already has a rich history.

June 28, 2011– Google + is in an “invitation-only” phase

June 29, 2011– Existing users were allowed to invite friends over the age of 18

July 14, 2011– Google announced that Google + had reached 10 million users

After just four weeks of being online, Google + had 25 million unique users.  Based on ComScore, the biggest market was the United States followed by India.

August 6, 2011– Google + members each had 150 invitations to give out

September 20, 2011– Google + was opened to everyone 18 and older without an invitation

At the beginning, Google Apps accounts could not be used on Google + because of the lack of support for Google profiles.

October 27, 2011– Google announced that Google + supports Google Apps users

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The History of Google +
The History of Google +

Google + became the most downloaded free app in the Apple app store in only a day. Google’s presence was growing. Google + had started with a mostly male influence between the ages of 25 and 34.

November 7, 2011– Google launched Google + pages

Google + pages are similar to Facebook Pages, allowing businesses to share their information and giving others the opportunity to communicate with corporate accounts.

January 26, 2012– Google opened Google + to teenagers (13 and older)

This brief history touches on the influence that Google + has had in the corporate world, as well as being able to bridge gaps between acquaintances.  Google + started out strong, and continues to grow as more people find out about the opportunities that Google + has to offer.

Google + pages allow businesses to communicate effectively with their customers, while expanding their online presence. Pages are unique to the owner, and can have a large impact on the pace a business grows.

Google + will continue to be a source of contact and information and grow steadily as it reaches all parts of the globe.

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