Seeya around, Microsoft Clip Art: The 10 Microsoft Office Clip Art Images We’ll Miss the Most

The 10 Microsoft Office Clip Art Images We’ll Miss the Most

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they will be closing up the Clip Art shop in favor of using Bing’s Image Search. It’s probably going to make presentations look a whole ton more legit, but come on, there was that certain charm that came along with clip art images. So basic. So, so basic. Yet, they spoke volumes, didn’t they?

Instead of insanely detailed drawings of witches, computer screens, PDAs, businesswomen, and new year’s celebrations, Microsoft is now letting users select from real-life Bing images of real people, real places, real events, real everything. How cool, right? Well, yes. Because if I have to explain to one more kid in school how it “used to be,” I’m going to freak out. Microsoft probably feels the same, so at risk of “kids these days” asking, “What is this supposed to be,” they went the smart route and sourced Bing Images, moving forward.

However, in honor of Microsoft Clip Art (and personally having to use those images to either fill space on term papers and powerpoints), I look back fondly at 10 of my favorite “pieces of art.”

Seeya around, Microsoft Clip Art: The 10 Microsoft Office Clip Art Images We'll Miss the MostThe Christmas Tree with presents. How many teachers did you have use this on their holiday handouts before Christmas break? I must’ve had, like, 4.

Microsoft Clip Art

Female construction worker to push women’s rights forward? Or a manbun way before its time? The broad chest doesn’t give anything away.

Microsoft Clip Art

Nothing said, “this paper was written by a smart kid,” more than computer stuff.

Microsoft Clip Art

Also, nothing said, “I’m like BOOK smarts which sort of trumps computer smarts, if ya think about it” quite like a stack of books included in your work.

Microsoft Clip Art

These guys. These guys were so androgynous and universal, it hurt. So let’s shake hands and agree on it, shall we?

Microsoft Clip Art

Despite all our rage, we’re still just… business people stuck in the cogs of the system. FIGHT THE POWER, MAN!

Microsoft Clip Art

But before we fight the power, let’s collaborate on this project before its deadline.

Microsoft Clip Art

This is either a surrender to technology or a praise to it. Either way, look how far we’ve come as a society. THE FUTURE! TECHNOLOGY!

Microsoft Clip Art

Back when people still called it the World Wide Web and we surfed it avidly. Also, look! Any gender can surf the World Wide Web!

Microsoft Clip Art

Finally, what would any of this technology be worth if it wasn’t eventually planning to kill us all. Mark your calendars people. Unplug your devices. Get in your bomb shelters. Stockpile canned corn and micromachines. This is Y2K! Someone call Prince. It’s time to party.

Ah, anyway. As with anything we once loved, we have to say goodbye. Thanks for the run Microsoft Clip Art. I’ll still use you. Just to stick it to the man, and any young people that need a lesson about how it sounds to rewind a VHS or use dial up.

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