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Target Settles Web Accessibility Lawsuit In 2006 the National Federation of the Blind filed a class action lawsuit against Target on behalf of blind internet users who were unable to buy products on target.com. The settlement, filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California, requires that visually impaired users who depend on screen-reading software...
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Drop Down Menus and Accessibility for Visually Impaired Making sure a website has search engine friendly navigation is a top priority for savvy web developers and optimizers. Developers usually consider three things when creating a drop-down navigation menu: Does it look good? Does it work correctly? And is it SEO friendly (can search engine spiders...
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Usability issues with Adaptive software and Simple fixes! Links are one of the most critical elements that are commonly overlooked when building a Web site. As simple as this may sound, many webmasters do not know precisely what can be recognized and interoperable by screen reading software and search engines! The most common mistakes are...
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