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150 Social Media Sites you Should Know

list-of-social-media-sitesLooking for a big list of top social media sites? Full scale Social Media Optimization requires that you know about new and emerging social networks so you’ve come to the right place. This list of social media sites leaves off big players like Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter, etc, but focuses on a list of social media sites that are new,  innovative or simply largely unknown. We have organized this list of social media sites by category to make it easier on the reader.

Social Media Site Categories Include: Blogging, BookMarking, Business, Community, Design, Entertainment, Health, Information, MicroBlogging, Music, News, Photo, Tech, Travel and Video (respectfully).

If you know of social media sites that did not make the list please leave a comment below. Enjoy!

SEO Inc. Big List of Social Media Sites 

Blogging Social Media Sites

at BigContact

Reach out to a wide audience by creating viral audio, video, and text players accessible to many websites and devices.

Category: Blogging at BloggersUnite

Post your events online and share them with your readers by adding a badge to your blog site.

Category: Blogging


Engage with your audience by accessing Disqus, a comment platform.

Category: Blogging

at HelloTxt

Easily manage, update and organize all of your media sites on this one dashboard.

Category: Blogging

at Issuu

Publish yourself on Issuu and share your content with others as you browse through their publications.

Category: Blogging at Plinky

Answer the question of the day and post your thoughts, photos, and playlists on this engaging community.

Category: Blogging

at Posterous

Arguably the easiest and fastest way to create your own blog.

Category: Blogging

at Skribit

Get ideas for blog-posts from this avidly anti writer’s block community.

Category: Blogging

at Soup

A Hybrid site that allows you to create your own ‘blog’ by adding quick content: quotes, links, pictures, and text. For those of us too busy to blog but, apparently, too interesting not to.

Category: Blogging

at Tumblr

A simple, one-stop area to share pictures, videos, blog posts, quotes, and links.

Category: Blogging at Viviti

An inexpensive and user-friendly way to create your own website.

Category: Blogging

at Wists

A community developed around bookmarked websites.

Category: Blogging

at Yotify

Send out scouts to find favorable online shopping deals when you’re away.

Category: Blogging


Bookmarking Social Media Sites

Category: Bookmarking at BlinkList

Save links to websites on BlinkList and access them from any computer.

at Choowawa

Easily share bookmarks with your friends.

See what other people are reading and what videos they’re watching on this list of compiled bookmarks.

Category: Bookmarking

at Cocomment

Keep track of the comments you leave on various sites and get notified when people respond to them.

Category: Bookmarking

at Jeteye

Create your own Jetpacks! Or rather libraries of bookmarks you can share with all of your friends and coworkers.

Category: Bookmarking at Jumptags

Distribute all of those ever-valuable bookmarks, videos, and RSS links to people who care.

Category: Bookmarking at Kirtsy

Discover new ideas and various other random things people are accessing on the internet with this bookmark collecting site.

Category: Bookmarking

at Misterwong

A bookmarking service available in six languages! Me gusta.

Category: Bookmarking at Muti

Are you interested in African affairs? If yes, then click here.

Category: Bookmarking

at Mylinkvault

Store your links online and quit losing them!

Category: Bookmarking

at Squidoo

Create single web pages…. for FREE.

Category: Bookmarking

at Stumpedia

The Google of bookmarks. Search for bookmarks among other bookmarks.

Business Social Media Sites


Stay up to date on the ad industry.

Category: Business

at ArtFire

Buy and Sell homemade, artisan products. For the artsy ones in all of us.

Category: Business at BizSugar

For all you new companies out there – give and receive business ideas here.

Category: Business

at CeeVee

Got a resume? Great. Click here and share it with the business world.

Category: Business at Etsy

Another site for handmade products! Vintage stuff at your fingertips.

Category: Business

at Kaboodle

Out of decent date outfits? Find out what other people are shopping for here.

Category: Business at Kiva

Ever wanted to be a bank? Well here’s your chance. Lend people money from across the globe, or sign up and have other people lend you some cash.

Category: Business at LinkedIn

Promote yourself on this MUST use site. Upload a resume, make business connections, and post a lovely picture of yourself.

Category: Business at Rebja

Free networking site to connect your business with other businesses.

Category: Business

at ResumeBucket

Upload your resume to a personalized URL and then send the link to an employer. You know, to get a job.

Category: Business at Ryze

Make business connections and deals with this site.

Category: Business at Slideserve

Take that beautiful PowerPoint presentation and upload it to this site where you can share it with the world!

Category: Business

at Slidesix

Create and share Keynote, OpenOffice, and PowerPoint presentations online.

Category: Business

Sphinn (now at” at MarketingLand)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Share and upload internet marketing news here….ye.

Category: Business

at Sprouter

For any entrepreneur who ever feels like: “I don’t know what the ding, dong I’m doing.” Advice is on the way.

Category: Business at TestQ

Are you smarter than a four-year old? Doesn’t matter. This quiz lets you know what career path to take and lists out the numerous ways you can apply your talents in the workplace.

Category: Business at ThisNext

If you love a product, then yell it from the rooftop…. or rave about it on ThisNext.

Category: Business

at Tipd

Finally! A social media site for all of us obsessed with  financial news.

Category: Business

at WantzIt

Want something but can’t afford it? Or maybe you don’t want to pay for it? Then share your wishlist with Facebook, Twitter, and blog users.

Category: Business

at Wesabe

Be a smart and savvy shopper and search for bargain deals in your area.

Category: Business at Xmind

Share your ideas online. Write responsibly.

Category: Business at Zillow

Search through homes for sale as well as mortgage prices and home values in your area.

Category: Business


Community Social Media Sites at Bukisa

Get paid to share what you know.

Category: Community

at Eventful

Find out what’s going on in your hood, or in your buddy’s hood across the country.

Category: Community at Experienceproject

A hodgepodge of information shared by users. From food to clothes to relationship advice: a one-stop shop.

Category: Community at Friendster

Find new friends as you play games with them online.

Category: Community at GetGlue

Discover new music, movies, and books on this site.

Category: Community

at Hollrr

Let your friends know about a great product.

Category: Community at Hubpages

Publish yourself online and receive feedback and rewards from readers! Cool.

Category: Community at Ibibo

Never play games by yourself again! Invite a friend…. or many friends.

Category: Community at Instructables

Learn how to do things yourself. Make a plate of cookies on your lunch break….or a bookshelf.

Category: Community

at Kazle

Bring all your social networks to this one site, and then get ready to be informed.

Category: Community at Lafango

It’s like the mother of all talent shows. Post a video, audio, or other media project and get discovered.

Category: Community

at Meemi

Share text, videos, and links that you find exciting with your friends.

Category: Community

at Postcrossing

Receive and share postcards (real ones) with random people across the world. Exciting!

Category: Community at Skyrock

Blog and share music videos.

Category: Community

at Snipi

Find things that interest you online, collect them, and share them with absolutely EVERYONE you know… and maybe some people you don’t.

Category: Community at Steam

Add games to your desktop with ease.

Category: Community

at UnitedCats

Don’t be selfish,  give your cat its own website and share ideas and suggestions with other cat lovers.

Category: Community


Design Social Media Sites at Artlog

Reviews and discussions on the latest news/exhibitions in the art world.

Category: Design at ColourLovers

Thousands of color ideas and designs on one rather colorful site.

Category: Design at DeviantArt

A community devoted to all kinds of artistic expression: portraits, landscapes, photography, poetry, etc.

Category: Design

at Myoats

Make designs online and have them rated and downloaded by website visitors.

Category: Design at QBN

Latest news on the design industry.

Category: Design at ScrnShots

A compilation of website screenshots.

Category: Design


Entertainment Social Media Sites

at AniBoom

Watch and upload animated videos on this site.

Category: Entertainment

at Blippr

Get quick and concise book, music, and movie reviews.

Category: Entertainment at CrunchyRoll

ATTENTION: Anime lovers. This one’s for you.

Category: Entertainment

at eFans

A media site for sports. Share ideas and browse through videos and news stories on your favorite teams.

Category: Entertainment at Playfire

Gamers, there’s a social media site for you too.

Category: Entertainment

at PoWNEDGaming

Create your own gaming profile and find teammates online to once and for all win a game of online chess… or Halo—hey, we don’t judge.

Category: Entertainment

at Rockband

A community for Rock Band enthusiasts.

Category: Entertainment at Singsnap

I’ll win you over with just the tagline: Free online karaoke. Ready, set, go!

Category: Entertainment at Storybird

Make illustrated storybooks and share them with the community.

Category: Entertainment

at TheEscapist

Current news and articles on the gaming scene.

Category: Entertainment


Health Social Media Sites

at Corkd

Like your wine? Review and share critiques here.

Category: Health

at Culminate

A great website for foodies. Includes recipes, columns, and reviews.

Category: Health at Families

Get advice from pregnancy to relationships to weight loss, and connect with users online.

Category: Health at Myfitnesspal

Want to lose some weight? Don’t do it alone! Find a pal, or many pals, on this site and motivate each other to lose a few lbs.

Category: Health at Snooth

Wine. Talk about it, read about it, and find it locally.

Category: Health

at SocialWorkout

Let everyone in on your fitness plans. Set goals, challenge friends, and write about it every step of the way.

Category: Health at Steepster

A tea community! Share recommendations and express your love and devotion for your favorite tea leaves.

Category: Health

at Strands

Document your fitness regiment with this free training log.

Category: Health at AnybodyOutThere

Want to talk about something that nobody around you cares about? AnybodyOutThere will find people who do care and who would love to respond to you!

Category: Information


Information Social Media Sites

at Ask500people

Have a burning question you need answered? This site allows you to take a survey of people’s answers from across the globe.

Category: Information at Cardly

Create free online business cards and share them with people across the net.

Category: Information at CiteULike

Find scholarly papers online. With over 2 million articles indexed, that essay on Peter the Great should be a breeze to write!

Category: Information

at HiIm

Gather all of your social media profiles on one site and present them to the curious public.

Category: Information

at Hunch

Answer twenty short questions and Hunch will provide you with customized online recommendations. It can read your mind.

Category: Information at Iminta

Share interesting things that you’re finding on the internet with your friend– From YouTube clips to Yelp recommendations and more!

Category: Information at Magntize

A simple and sleek way to create a website.

Category: Information

at Myopenid

Tired of memorizing seemingly endless amounts of passwords and usernames? Myopenid makes it so that one ID works for all of your sites.

Category: Information

at Plancast

Don’t miss out on the next great events and social happenings in your area! Find out about them here.

Category: Information

Quotiki (no longer online)

The premise is much like Wikipedia, only, it’s strictly for quotes. Find them, share them, read them.

Category: Information

at Rateitall

Rate anything and everything and find reviews for anything and everything.

Category: Information at Scribd

Share your writing online and read other writers’ stuff.

Category: Information

Socialurl (now at Stylepin which is similar to Pinterest)

Put all of your web profiles on one URL.

Category: Information

Unhub (no longer online)

For businesses and personal profiles: share all of your web profiles on one URL.

Category: Information


Microblogging Social Media Sites

at AudioBoo

An app for Smartphones that allows you to record and share sounds from your mobile device.

Category: Microblogging

at CinchCast

The free way to create and share audio clips, text, and photos from your mobile devices.

Category: Microblogging at Dipity

Create a free digital timeline for various topics including: political news, celebrity news, local issues, and more.

Category: Microblogging at FriendFeed

Create a custom feed and share it with your friends or co-workers or mother and father.

Category: Microblogging

at Gowalla

Share tips and stories with friends as your travel around the world!

Category: Microblogging

at Identica

Very similar to Twitter. Share your thoughts and ideas with people around this community.

Category: Microblogging

at Pegshot

Let people know what’s happening around you with your mobile phone. Upload photos and text, locate yourself on a map and tag your location.

Category: Microblogging

at Plurk

Dubbed a ‘social journal.’ Again, very similar to Twitter with a much less congested feel to it.

Category: Microblogging

at Ruminations

Write what you’re thinking and read all the funny things others are saying.  This place seriously gets funny. If you want to LOL, visit this site.

Category: Microblogging

at Zannel

A blogging and communication tool for your mobile phone.

Category: Microblogging


Music Social Media Sites at BlipFM

Find free music streaming online. Lean back, and enjoy the tunes.

Category: Music at CastRoller

Choose from a varied list of podcasts and listen to them on your favorite devices.

Category: Music

at Discogs

A database for music labels and the discographies of musicians.

Category: Music at Jamendo

Listen to FREE music LEGALLY! Oh, all my dreams are finally coming true!

Category: Music at LifeStream

Let your friends know what you’re doing online in real-time.

Category: Music

at Moof

Search and listen to any song you want for free. Better yet, export your Itunes library and have a backup file available online.

Category: Music at Soundcloud

Share music and sound that you’ve recorded with this online community.

Category: Music

at Youlicense

License your music and conduct business online.

Category: Music

at BuzzFlash

Create a Buzz, Submit a Buzz, or vote for it! Readers vote on what breaking news stories are most important.

Category: News


News Social Media Sites at Current

Allows viewers to create advertisements and “pods” that may air on the Current channel.  Current TV is broadcast globally.

Category: News at Fark

Compiles interesting and strange news stories and headlines.

Category: News at HuffingtonPost

An online newspaper. Offers columns, articles, news blogs and advice sections.

Category: News

at Politics4all

A social media site to engage voters with potential candidates and other politically active people in the area.

Category: News at Reddit

Database for news links added and voted for by the public. The links with the most votes appear on the first page.

Category: News


Photo Social Media Sites

at DailyBooth

Snap a picture of yourself and see what other people are doing around the globe.

Category: Photo at Fotki

A simple way to share your photos with your friends and family and allow them to print the photos online.

Category: Photo

at Ourdoings

Post your pictures online and Ourdoings will organize them for you!

Category: Photo” Shutterfly

Create a free custom website and upload your pictures and videos to share with those closest to you.

Category: Photo at Twixtr

Use your mobile phone to share updates on where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with. Post pictures and status updates.

Category: Photo

Tech Social Media Sites at Advogato

A database for developers of free software and news.

Category: Tech at Bitly

Shorten your links for your social media sites and store them online.

Category: Tech at ProgrammableWeb

A platform that keeps you in the loop of things with APIs and mashups.

Category: Tech at Tinyurl

Another site to shorten long URLs.

Category: Tech

Travel Social Media Sites

at Dopplr

Find tips on specific cities and share advice for traveling with fellow travelers and friends.

Category: Travel

at OnTheRoad

Keep friends and family informed on your whereabouts and adventures as you travel.

Category: Travel

at Qype

Stay up to date on the trends and social scenes in London.

Category: Travel

Wegor (currenlty offline)

Share your travel experiences online and see where everyone else has been traveling to!

Category: Travel


Video Social Media Sites at Bambuser

Stream live videos from your mobile phone.

Category: Video at DropShots

Share photos and videos safely online with friends and family.

Category: Video

at Gotcast

Find casting calls and post auditions online to tap into new talent.

Category: Video at Howcast

The complete how-to site. Find out how to break up with someone on Valentine’s Day or how to run in the streets with no shoes on.

Category: Video at Qik

Share videos live or save them online directly from your mobile phone.

Category: Video

at RealScoop

Provides voice analysis for popular video clips including: political speeches, celebrity interviews, and more!

Category: Video

Thanks for checking out our big list of social media sites! We hope you found the correct social media site to enage with for your business. There are so many social media websites out there, it is hard to know where to start. If you need social media marketing advice, make sure to contact SEO Inc. today. We have customized solutions to help business succeed in social media marketing and search engine optimization.