Social Media, Search Engine Optimizations Best Friend?

Organic search engine optimization has changed over the years; there is no doubt about it. And today, it is more competitive than ever. Now social media is peeking around the corner ( more like running full speed around the corner actually) so how do these two types of internet marketing solutions work together?

With this question in mind, I have thrown together these bullet points. Take a look and let me know what you think.

How Social Media Helps SEO

  • Social media sites rank for targeted branded and non-branded terms helping secure a larger search space.
  • When blog content is pushed out through social media it gets exposure & stimulates organic linking.
  • Content must be generated for social media. Fresh content greatly benefits search.
  • Twitter content is indexed and shown in Google real time search.
  • The Twitter search engine is used by millions. Tweets allow you to optimize keywords for that engine.
  • YouTube videos rank in Google general search and are important for optimizing the video search space.
  • Social media sites drive traffic!

But that’s not all; social media is pretty powerful on its own. Here are some reasons why I think it’s important:

 Social Media Optimization

  • Build an online community of loyal users
  • Get customer mindshare
  • Strengthen brand identity
  • Create your own media channel
  • Get important demographic information
  • Watch the size of your reach grow exponentially with time
  • Have a presence in the world’s largest online communities
  • Grow your online presence
  • Make your brand likable and positive
  • Watch your community do your marketing for you
  • Manage your brand identity by responding to customer complaints
  • Get people talking about your products, announcements and content
  • Become the source of your own news
  • Optimize your brand for the millions of users/searchers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

So this is just a quick list. I’m sure there is plenty we can add to it. So you tell me, what did I forget? Why is social media important to search engine optimization? And why is it important on its own?

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