Sleep is for the Weak; Data Never Rests

Data Never Rests

Are you one of those people that punches in at 9AM and promptly punches out at 5PM? Do you leave your work at the office and never think about deadlines and deliverables outside of your job? If so, that’s pretty amazing, and I have to admit that I envy you from time to time. The majority of professionals swimming in the digital marketing waters rarely give themselves time to come up for air and would rather remain sharks moving endlessly for fear of dying if ever stopping. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the point I’m getting at here is that if you work in the seas of the Internet, you know that data doesn’t stop. There’s no off switch that Al Gore flips at 10PM while saying, “Light’s out!” like a parent at a slumber party. (But, man, wouldn’t that be nice?) If you want to understand just how much information is continually passed through the wires of the Internet, see the infographic put together by the minds at DOMO below. It’s a pretty harrowing representation of the sheer volume of data that is all around us all the time as we spend time online. Data Never Sleeps When your head stops spinning from those numbers, get back to being part of the ever-flowing traffic. Feel free to share this post with a few friends and know you’re doing your part to keep the world wide web alive and active. We’re all in this together, people!

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