Should you use a Social Media Management Agency?

Did you know SEO Inc. offers social media management? It’s true. Our service entails a dedicated social media expert who will write and post optimized blogs that speak to your company and draw search traffic. This same person will post these blogs to your social media sites and manage your social profiles. This means responding to customers, creating fun strategic content, and when the time is right, working with your team to run full-scale interactive campaigns. We do everything regarding social media marketing, and we do it right the first time.

using a social media agencySo people often ask us, is it better to do social media in-house? Or should we use an agency for our social media? In all honesty, either way, it is going to be a mix if you want to maximize your efforts. The only real factor is that the full-service agency social media management model is significantly less work on your end.

Let’s take a minute and look at the three possibilities: no social media agency, social media agency consulting, and full social media agency services including social media management.

No Social Media Agency

So you decide you want to do it all in-house. You pick a person to be in charge, they agree, and you are off to the races.

That person has no other job functions besides social media. They can give it the attention it needs. They write blogs daily, they interact on all the sites you feel are essential, and you pay them a fixed salary.

With no social agency, this person is likely to make mistakes. The social advocate would not be able to reach out to the agency for questions. There is a good chance error will occur. Social growth will be slow. They may not be able to run social media campaigns, as they will not know the legalities or the right applications to use, and your social communities will never reach their full potential. Furthermore, editorial may suffer, and blogs may not be appropriately optimized. The worst part about this model is that the members of your community, your customers, will notice.

Social Media Agency Consulting Model

If an in-house social media marketer can contact an agency for assistance, there is a much better chance your social media will shine. Here is why.

First, imagine the situation from the perspective of the lone social media marketer. You are hired to do social media for a company. You know a little about Facebook and Twitter. Not anything about YouTube or LinkedIn. You are the only person who does social media at the company. You figure, heck, I have a job I will fake it until I make it.

It’s tough for this person; there is no one they can reach out to. When they have a question, they research it and try to figure it out, but they are never really sure if they are doing things right.

Having the option to reach out to a social media consultant from an agency makes it possible for that person to do things right the first time and avoid mistakes. Without the necessary experience, an in-house social person may set up everything wrong. Profiles may be named without best practices in mind or set up incorrectly, and certain things may be hidden from search engines. Agency guidance results in giving the social media employee a clear strategic path, allowing the initiative to be successful and ROI to be achieved. It also ensures no backtracking occurs.

Full-Service Social Media Agency Option

Instead of hiring an agency to teach your employee, why not just cut out the middleman? The agency knows exactly what to do and how to do it to make it successful. They are 100% accountable for their actions and can give you feedback on your progress. If you ever want to jump in and play a role in your social, you are encouraged to do so. A social media agency is your strategic marketing partner, they are a part of your company and will get you results much quicker than someone who knows little about it and is learning much of this stuff for the first time. A further benefit is that you always have the option to cancel the marketing initiative or take it back over yourself, and you don’t have to set up in-house facilities for a new person at the office.

Summing up Social Media and the Agency Relationship

We are seeing more and more companies move to an agency social media management or consulting model. Companies see the value in social, but they either need the guidance or supervision to execute social media effectively fully, it’s just not their full-time business. The biggest issue we see is that companies do not use social media correctly to support their SEO. We also see companies blogging furiously and working hard on social, but not getting anything out of it. There are so many subtleties to this process; it is critical to have support when you need it.

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