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10% of WebsiteTraffic from Mobile Devices [Research]

A Study on Website From Mobile Devices

From August 20, 2011 through September 20, 2011 Search Engine Optimization Inc. performed an analysis of traffic data on 41 websites. This research was focused on monitoring mobile traffic vs. non-mobile traffic during the time period. The websites used in the study came from a wide range of industries. It should be noted that none of the websites featured in the study were sites primarily based on news content creation.

The research looked at the current state of mobile traffic, and in particular, the amount of traffic that came from iPads and iPhones. iPads and iPhones were focused on primarily due to a trend that was found when evaluating the data. In every case but one, iPads and iPhones were the largest drivers of mobile traffic to each of these websites. The one website that did not have iPhones and iPads as the largest drivers of mobile traffic experienced the lowest amount of visitors in the study. Due to this, this website is seen as an outlier.

SEO Inc. is publishing a few results from this study below for our loyal blog readers.

Mobile Traffic Research
Mobile Traffic Research

Mobile, iPad and iPhone Research

• An average of 10.3% of total traffic came from mobile devices
• An average of 2.3% of total traffic was from iPads
• An average of 2.5% of total traffic was from iPhones

Mobile, iPad and iPod Findings

On average, mobile devices delivered 10% of traffic to these websites during the month long timeframe. Of that traffic, an average of 4.8% came from iPads and iPhones, causing the amount of visits from these two Apple devices to equate to almost half of the mobile visits.

Summary of Mobile Website Traffic

Mobile devices are delivering more traffic each day. Because of this trend, it is critical to ensure your website is mobile friendly and that you strongly consider mobile into your SEO strategy. It should be noted that iPads and iPhones actually have full browsing capabilities. So while they may benefit from having a more basic webpage to browse it is not absolutely necessary to create a mobile version for a website. However, a mobile friendly version of a site will help customers from a usability perspective.

What are you thoughts on the importance of mobile? Comment below!