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SEO Superheroes

search engine adventures comic con

In the spirit of Comic-Con 2014, we here at SEO Inc. thought it would be fun to take a deeper look into our favorite search engines. Apart, they are all strong, but together they make up the unstoppable Search Engine Adventure Squad.

Google: The Ultimate Ranker

Superpower: Google can make or break any website with a single penalty. Webpages new and old fear Google’s super secretive algorithm gun, which can throw rankings into chaos as soon as it’s fired.


Arch-nemesis: The evil Black Hat. Nothing makes Google angrier than this dark creature.

Bing: The Visual Victor

Superpower: Hypnotizing users by providing SERPs that are too visually attractive to turn away from. Bing is a smooth operator when it comes to integrating social media into search results, and he never fails to draw you in with his spellbinding presentation.

Arch-nemesis: Google. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Bing may appear to be working alongside Google, but don’t be fooled. Bing is just waiting for the day to take down the search engine giant.

Yahoo: The Old School Super Chick

Superpower: Yahoo has been fighting search crime long before the guys joined in on the fun, but she isn’t afraid to be a team player. If Yahoo ranks you, you better bet that Google will use that information.

Arch-nemesis: The Future. Like all search engine greats, Time can be the hardest enemy to defeat.

Social Media Sidekicks

Search engines don’t get to have all the fun. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite social media sidekicks.

·         Facebook

Facebook is the ultimate relationship builder. He can take your content from stale to super status.

·         Pinterest

Pinterest’s super sharp pins give any content visual superpowers when harnessed correctly.

·         LinkedIn

The suave professional. LinkedIn will smooth talk his way to the people with power.

·         Google +

Google+’s mesmerizing +1s will give any webpage that extra boost in the SERPs.

·         Twitter

Twitter’s hashtag can take any tweet and put it in front of thousands.

·         Instagram

The ultimate transformer.  Instagram can turn any coffee cup picture into art with a quick filter.


Webpages near and far dream of the day when the Search Engine Adventure Squad will come out to save them from the dark depths of page 7 rankings. But be warned, these guys don’t like to be tricked. Stay clear of bad SEO tactics, and one day, these guys might show up to save you.

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