SEO + PPC Advice from an Award-Winning SEM Company

This month, we were named a top SEM company not once but twice. And now we’re in a sharing mood.

One of the big takeaways from our recent PPC webinar was that SEO and PPC work great together. Think about it: pairing organic listings with paid advertisements can cover a wide range of potential customer reach. When used together, it creates an amplifying effect that boosts their combined effectiveness.

We’ve been combining SEO and PPC (which together form what’s known as SEM) for years. And now we’d like to share more of what we’ve learned to help your campaigns.

SEO Inc. is an award-winning SEO company. It has provided best-in-class SEO services since 1997.

So without further ado, here’s our first piece of advice:

Use SEO and PPC together.

SEO and PPC complement each other well. Scratch that—they complement each other incredibly well. A paid search initiative added to a well-executed SEO strategy can bring a tremendous amount of success for your business.

We’ve covered this topic pretty extensively before, but it bears repeating. SEO and PPC, when used together, can increase profits by 4.5% over using just one. What’s more, organic and paid listings act as a “second opinion; users who see ads for something they found organically will be more likely to return and make a purchase.

PPC is already great at getting results since you can target your ideal keywords and increase your spend to stay competitive. SEO is a bit trickier to pull off, if only because it requires hard work and time, but getting front page results always has a huge impact. Put them together, and you’ve got a significant boon for your business.

Clients of ours who are benefitting from unified SEO and PPC strategies are seeing great success in their campaigns. You could be too, as long as you integrate SEO and PPC into a solid plan.

To win at combining SEO and PPC, you need someone who knows what they’re doing. An SEM company may be just the thing you need.

Now here’s our next piece of advice:

Have a plan.

You know that you can’t just switch all the PPC buttons to ‘on’ and expect results. PPC requires constant monitoring to make the most of it. Many factors go into an effective ad: landing page optimization, stellar copywriting, etc. And that doesn’t include things beyond your control, like the season.

The solution? Be prepared. Watch the performance of your ads and adjust them accordingly. Know what factors (like the holiday buying mentality) may come into play at a later date and execute strategies to meet them.

If you want to test your ads’ effectiveness, A/B split testing is the way to go. Testing two versions of your ads allow you to identify what ads are working and then optimize them for higher performance.

Our third and final piece of advice:

Do it right, or get someone who can.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. That’s understandable—if SEM were easy, there’d be no reason for Google to exist at all. But SEM isn’t easy, and so many businesses must rely on outside help.

However, if you’re ignoring SEM altogether because it’s too hard, you’re ignoring a powerful tool. You have so much more to gain by using it, and so much less to lose. But doing it wrong could be dangerous.

The smart thing to do is hire an SEM company that specializes and understands the relationship SEO and PPC can have. SEO Inc. happens to be such an agency.

Whether analyzing your current campaign or setting one up from scratch, SEO Inc. can provide the boost your business needs to dominate both organic and paid listings and beat your competitors.

Click here and let us help you today.

A big thank you goes out to PromotionWorld and FindBestSEO for choosing SEO Inc. as one of the month’s best SEM companies!

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