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SEO Monster Bash

Just like any other business, here at SEO inc, we’re always looking to expand. Earlier in the month, we put up an ad for an opening we have. But something strange has been brewing over the last few weeks. As we get closer to Halloween, we get more and more…unusual applicants. But we’re an equal opportunity employer. Whether the applicant is human, zombie or undead, we give all applicants equal consideration.


#4 Freddy Krueger

Pros: Good at gaining personal insight on the competition – can really “get into their heads.”

Cons: Always sleeping on the job. Has trouble dealing with the real world – can’t talk to clients. Does not work well with younger co-workers.


#3 Pinhead

Pros: Works well with others, possibly management material – good at delegating tasks. Not afraid to experiment.

Cons: Not proactive – only does work when summoned.


#2 Jason Voorhees

Pros: Tenacious – no matter how hard you try, he will stay on track to achieve his goals. Extremely dedicated (especially to his mother). Quiet – won’t spend too much time chatting it up around the water cooler.

Cons: Quiet – you’ll have no idea what project he’s working on…ever.
Not very tech savvy, after spending most of his years either a: at summer camp, b: on killing rampages, or c: dead, we’d be surprised if he even knew what a computer was, let alone the Internet.

The Lawnmower Man

#1 Lawnmower man

Pros: Tech Savvy, because he has the ability to become part of computers, he can really get to the root of your SEO problem. Speaks every computer language ever invented….ever.

Cons: Unlike other candidates on this list who were insane from the beginning, he actually became insane later in life, which could be indicative of more insanity to come.

Note from Steve: Even though this article was published through my account it was really a collaborative effort. Sarah wrote the list, Rich wrote the intro, I added the pictures.
– Stevecrest out.

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