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SEO Link Roundup: Backlinks, Link Removal, Paid Links, oh my.

Link Removal is the topic du jour. So much has been written about it, from the painstaking process of removing potentially negative backlinks, to “WHY ME NO GOD NO I THOUGHT THOSE WERE GOOD LINKS! GEEZ GOOGLE!”

If you’ve been hit with penalties from the almighty Google recently, we hope you’ve gotten through your initial grieving period and are now ready to do some work and get rid of those low quality backlinks. Unless you don’t want to rank in Google. Then you have nothing to worry about. Not sure how popular this “Google” thing is going to be anyway…

That said, the SEO Friday Link Roundup this week is chock full of backlink information goodness.

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Penalised by Google? Here are 3 steps to righting that
So you pushed the limits in terms of link building — you built links to your site that weren’t exactly squeaky clean or natural. Perhaps you used some blog networks, perhaps some low quality directory submissions, or even forum profiles. Who could blame you? Truth is, it worked for a while – but then one day you got a not-so-pleasant message from Google Webmaster Tools – the dreaded “unnatural links to your site” warning. Read more…


Search Engine Watch

Matt Cutts Shares 4 Ways Google Evaluates Paid Links
Webmasters and Google have such a love-hate relationship when it comes to backlinks. Webmasters know they need great backlinks in order to rank well, and Google knows they need to keep on top of how to determine if a link is paid or not, so they can react accordingly.

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12 Ways to Increase Traffic from Google without Building Links
Link building is hard, but it’s not the only way to make traffic gains in Google’s search results. Read more…


Social Media Explorer

The recent announcement from Matt Cutts on guest blogging or contributing content to third-party websites in exchange for links will be scrutinized more than ever has left search marketers and social media strategists running around wondering what they can possibly do to earn credible links in 2014. Read More…



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