SEO Inc. Sponsors ABLE Golf Tournament

SEO Inc: Able Golf Tournament Sponsorship

For SEO Inc., it’s not all about Internet marketing; it’s also about giving back. This is why SEO Inc. CEO Garry Grant recently chose to sponsor the ABLE golf tournament.

For those of you who don’t know, ABLE is the Association for Better Living and Education. ABLE’s mission is to rid the world of its most devastating social ills—drugs, crime, illiteracy and immorality. How can you argue with that right?

The event started with networking, a putting contest and lunch. It ended with an auction, some heartwarming speeches and a raffle. In the middle, we played golf.

SEO Inc. COO Brad Lipschultz was the standout of the event, basically carrying the team on his back. However, there were a couple key moments when others contributed. Garry Grant hit a huge drive followed by a 200 yard fairway shot onto the green. David Hall had a few monster drives, and John Lincoln stayed very positive throughout the day.

SEO Inc. at Able Golf Tournament
SEO Inc. at Able Golf Tournament

Overall, the event was a success and money was raised for a good cause. SEO Inc. ended up 3 under and the winners were 13 under, so we will all be working on our golf game in our spare time.

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