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Social Media Interns

Are you interested in becoming a search engine optimization and social media intern? Then this post is for you!

SEO Inc., a premier Internet marketing agency, is looking for two new interns. But we’re not just looking for anyone; we’re looking for go-getters who want to learn marketing.

This position will be an amazing opportunity to see how a high-end, busy agency operates on a daily basis. Interns will see how large client accounts are managed, all while working closely with the SEO Inc. management team. Interns will have the opportunity to significantly increase their skill set, learn, and get a unique and highly valuable inside look at online marketing, all while playing a vital role in building big brands online.

To Apply You Must:

  • Be a strong writer
  • An excellent communicator
  • Be highly organized
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Work well with others
  • Be Internet savvy
  • Be ready to learn and grow
  • Be able to face challenges head on

Interested in the SEO Inc. SEO and Social Media Internship? Send a resume to me and I’ll make sure it ends up in the right hands. Time is running out so send in a resume today. If you are not right for this position, please feel free to pass this post along to someone who is.

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