SEO Inc. Officially Announces Social Media Marketing Services

SEO Inc: Social Media Marketing Services

We’ve been offering social media marketing services at SEO Inc. for some time now. In fact, we have scores of social media clients functioning on all cylinders boasting massive online communities. With this in mind, we felt it was high-time we let the world know that we offer social media marketing services. But not just that we offer the services, that we are a leader in the field.

Much like search engine optimization, social media marketing demands a broad range of knowledge in Internet marketing to be successful. It also requires employees with keen attention to detail and extensive experience. At SEO Inc. we have built a team of bright and motivated individuals who love what they do and this shows in our clients social media and SEO results.

In the press release launched today, our CEO, Garry Grant had a quote that well addressed this concept.

“We’ve been offering social media services for years, but now we are making it official by announcing that we are a leader in the social media marketing space,” said Garry Grant, CEO and Founder of SEO Inc. “Social media marketing is becoming vital to compete online. With our background in SEO, PPC and web development we’ve been able to refine the social media process and integrate services in a new and exciting way.”

After the release launched today we received a great deal of responses. Thank you to all of the people who contacted us to move forward with social media marketing. With so many benefits to engaging customers with social media, we expect this to be a vital part of the online marketing space for years to come.

Learn more about our Social Media Marketing Services Including:

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Management

Social Media Viral Campaigns

Social Media Advertising

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