Over 99% of Web Visitors do not Click Google +1 [Research]

99% of Web Visitors do Click Google +1

A report on Google +1 research data pulled from 41 non-publisher websites in different industries.

From the time period of 8/20/2011 to 9/20/2011 Search Engine Optimization Inc. performed an analysis of Google +1 data on 41 websites. This research was focused on the number of Google +1s each of these websites received during the time period. The websites used in the study came from a wide range of industries. It should be noted that none of the websites featured in the study were sites primarily based on news content creation.

The purpose in conducting the Google +1 search engine optimization research was to determine the level of Google +1 button user engagement in both search results and on actual websites. The 41 websites surveyed in the study had traffic levels ranging from hundreds of visitors a month to millions of visitors per month. All information was aggregated from the websites’ Google Analytics accounts. All websites will remain anonymous.

SEO Inc. is publishing the results of this study below. Following the results we will explore the data trends.

Google +1 Results

Common Trends

  • 87% of the websites in the survey had not received a +1 yet from a user.
  • 92% of the websites in this survey did not have a Google +1 button installed on the site.
  • The average amount of total visitors for the month timeframe that had +1ed a site was bellow .002%
  • The highest amount of social engaged visits in comparison to total site traffic for the month period was below .002%
  • On average, websites with a +1 from a user saw 5.2 pages within the site +1ed.
  • When only looking at the sites that had received a +1 from a user, the average number of total individual +1s from users was 17.6 +1s.

Sites Without +1

Websites with the +1 Button

  • All of the sites that had the +1 button installed had received 1 or more +1s from users.
  • Websites with a +1 button installed had an average of 10 +1s, or 602% more +1s than websites without a +1 button.

Websites without the +1 Button

    • Websites that did not have a +1 button installed had an average of 1.66 total +1s sitewide.

Average Number of +1

Google +1 Findings

Based on this data pool users are not frequently engaging the Google +1 option in search or on websites. Less that .002% of total visitors to the website had +1ed a site. This shows a lack of interest to +1 a website from a user perspective and a lack of engagement in the Google + initiative.

92% of the websites in this survey did not have a Google +1 button installed on the site. Websites that did have a +1 button installed averaged 10 +1s per site while websites that did not have a +1 button installed had an average of 1.66 +1s per site.

Websites that did have a +1 from a user often had more than one, and the average number of +1s for websites that had experienced a +1 went up significantly to 17.6.  On average, websites saw 5.2 pages with at least one +1 or more. In each of these cases, it had been the home page that had been +1ed along with important internal pages.

Over 99.9% of the people visiting these websites did not engage in a +1. This shows a lack of interest from a user perspective.

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