SEO Inc Goes Green For Earth Day

SEO Inc Stays Green For Earth Day

The title above isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, last week was Earth Day and SEO Inc. did its part to help the Earth. But don’t think that we’re only Earth-friendly around here one day out of the year. Here at SEO Inc. we do what we can every day of the year to keep things as planet-friendly as possible. I guess when you think about it, Earth Day was just another day at the office for us.

(WARNING: Don’t try to apply this attitude to other holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. Try telling your significant other that you didn’t get them anything for Valentine’s Day because you love them every day and you don’t need to give flowers or cards on one specific day just because society tells you that it’s the thing to do. If you do, you may take on a whole new appreciation for Earth Day because you’re probably going to be sleeping outside for a while.)

If you’re looking for more ways for your office to be Earth friendly, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a tour around SEO Inc. and check out the various ways we show our support for the only planet we’ve got (until the SEO Death Star is fully operational that is…):


A few people in the office may show up early enough to eat breakfast at the office. Some may be here late enough to need some dinner. But everyone eats lunch while here and using Tupperware and other dishes is a great way to cut down on the amount of waste produced day in and day out. Let’s say you have 50 employees and every one of them drinks water each day. If all 50 of them use one paper cup a day, that’ll add up to about 13,000 cups thrown into the trash every year. Paper plates and plastic silverware only add to the pile. Bringing in your own reusable cup/bowl/plate not only cuts down on the amount of trash your company produces, but will end up saving money, something that will please your CEO to no end.


This is one of the oldest methods of being Earth friendly. Put a recycling bin next to your copier/printer to remind people where to put unwanted copies and duplicate Dilbert comics. Put a can for ‘recyclables only’ next to the regular trash can in the break room too. If you put them in places where people have no choice but to notice them, it’s a lot easier for them to remember to recycle. And if you do all this and people still can’t remember to recycle, it’s time to move on. Some people are beyond saving. Or so I’ve been told. Many times. Often right to my face.

Turn Stuff Off

I hated math as much as anyone while I was in high school, but the logic behind this idea is best explained by the following proof:

IF: Doing Work = Lights/Computer On
AND: Not Doing Work = Lights/Computer Off
AND: Lights/Computer Off = Saving $$$
THEN: Turning Off Unnecessary Lights/Computers When You Leave Work Saves A Lot Of $$

I understand that there are some things in the office that cannot be shut down every night. But leaving your computer on overnight or over a weekend just to save the 3-4 minutes it may take to boot up in the morning doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially when you look at how much it costs in electricity every month.

Turn Stuff Off Part II

In the SEO Inc. lunchroom, there are multiple lights in the ceiling. But since the room gets a lot of natural light, we keep them off 99% of the time. Obviously it would be bad to turn off your work lights if you can’t see anything, but take a look around and see if there are any lights you could do without. Keeping them off not only helps conserve energy, but cuts down on cost (notice a trend here?). Sometimes the best and most cost efficient light around is the sun. And contrary to what our ancient ancestors may have believed, the sun is not a vengeful god bent on the destruction of humanity.


Carpooling is big here at SEO Inc. because it’s Earth friendly and (more importantly) cheaper than driving yourself. While it’s not mandatory in most workplaces, it’s a good idea to look into it.

If you have any other ways to make your workplace more Earth friendly, leave them in the comments below. After all, if Hollywood disaster movies have taught me anything, it’s that you want to be on the Earth’s good side. Having Bruce Willis around to help fend off asteroids doesn’t hurt either.

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