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seo-blogI’m guessing you have a blog, right? I mean who doesn’t now a day? But do you know how to SEO a blog? By that we mean how to search engine optimize a blog… Whether you do or don’t, here are some top SEO blogging tips to get your blog and individual blog posts well optimized for the search engines.

1. Use Specific SEO Blog Meta Data

Each individual blog posts should have specific meta data attributed to it. Make sure that meta data is not redundant with other meta data on the rest of the site. To have well optimized blog posts you need to get specific and niche with that code. Make sure you are really targeted in the keywords you shoot for. Try not to incorporate keywords that are loosely associate with the post, it will only confuse the spider.

2. Determine Specific Pages for Cross Linking

By determining the right pages to cross link to you will have a better SEO blog. For instance, if you want a page on your site to rank for the term SEO blog, you want to link to that page with the term, “SEO blog.” By doing this you will tell the search engines to index that page for that term. Make sure you have a good keyword strategy and structure prior to engaging in cross linking; otherwise you may waste efforts.

3. SEO Blog Widgets

Having certain widgets in the sidebar can play a large role in how successful your SEO blog performs. If you really want your blog to be well search engine optimized, you’re going to want to incorporate widgets that allow you to categorize your content and populate fresh content on your SEO blog home page. You’ll also want to be able to easily share content to improve your social media marketing. Overall your blogs widgets are vital to your blog’s success; without even knowing it your widgets could be hurting your blogs search engine optimization. For instance, it you have competing widgets that result in URL directory structures creating duplicate content that could hurt your indexing for those blog posts.

Ultimately, the widgets you use in your blog can have a massive impact on your SEO blog. Make sure you read reviews and do your research before implementing them.

4. SEO Blog Semantic Markup

By utilizing semantic markup in your SEO blog your posts will better target keywords. For instance, if you want your SEO blog to rank for “SEO blog” you are going to want to highlight the actual term SEO blog. Now you want to be careful about the way that you do this, as it can look spammy if it is not approached correctly.

5. Keyword Density Improves SEO

Keyword density can optimize your blog posts better for search. Make sure you are adding keywords on a frequent basis. While this is true, make sure not to go overboard, otherwise it will kill the readability of your SEO blog.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when optimizing your blog for search. Have questions about how to SEO a blog? Ask below!

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