SEO and PPC Services for the Holiday Season: On Getting Started Now Before It’s Too Late

ATTN: All e-commerce and online business shop owners!

  • Who wants to make more money this holiday shopping season off of their website?
  • Who wants to be an industry leader and rank higher on major search engines for their money keywords?
  • Who wants to strategically and effectively beat out their competition and be the go-to for customers’ online shopping needs this year and for years to come?

You should have answered yes to any/all of these seeing as how you own (or work for) an online business. Now let’s get serious and nail down your SEO strategy for the upcoming holiday shopping season before it’s too late.

“But the holidays are still a few months away. What’s with stressing about it now? I got plenty of time and will take care of this in, like, November, right before my busy season.”

Whoa. If that’s the attitude, it’s a good thing you came here. There’s a saying, “The definition of ‘madness,’ is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Well, the definition of “Ineffective SEO” is thinking you can flip a switch on your website and suddenly rank well for your target keywords.

EFFECTIVE SEO, takes time and planning to have any sort of influence on your site. And when it comes to having maximum impact for an e-commerce site especially, you want to make sure you’re planning ahead for your busy season.

SEO Ghost

“So what you’re saying is, if I spend some of my hard-earned money now on an SEO campaign, I can stand to make more money this holiday season? Why wouldn’t I just buy up a ton of ad space closer to the shopping season?”

Now, now, don’t get us wrong. There is benefit from buying ad space on the Internet. In fact, PPC can be one of the most important actions you can take to help raise awareness for and drive sales to your e-commerce site. In fact, according to this infographic from Wolfgang Jaegel:

–          PPC Campaigns led to an increase in brand awareness by 63% when businesses employ the use of online advertising.

–          PPC Campaigns resulted in an increase of 63% of visitors to websites who will instantly recognize a brand while they browse websites. They will take into account the brand name, logo and aesthetics which allows consumers to immediately associate the said colors and shapes with the business brand.

–          Once the association is has been recognized, the results have shown a staggering 300% traffic increase to the said businesses’ website.

–          160 conversions, on average, have occurred for every 100,000 visitors earned by the effectiveness of the display ads.

Serious, though? We even want in on that action. Now you take those numbers and combine them with some SEO stats, and your site is on its way to earning you your own vacation home… on your own island… in your own ocean. (Editor’s note: Oceans may not be for sale, so keep that in mind.)

“Well maybe I will just focus on a PPC Campaign and ignore the SEO Services portion.”

PPC is a great route to take. But the lasting effects of an SEO campaign cannot be overlooked nor ignored. A strategic SEO campaign can get you ranking on Page 1 of Google.

If there is anything we’ve learned in our 17 years’ experience, ranking anywhere BUT page one is pretty much useless for an e-commerce site during the busy shopping season.

Check this out. In a recent study from Chitika:

–          When sites rank in the top position in an organic keyword search, it contributed to 33% of the traffic.

–          Sites in the second position for the same keyword only get 18% of the traffic. And past this, it just keeps going down.

–          Traffic to sites dropped by 140% going from 10th to 11th position (or first to second page of the SERPs) and 86% going from 20th to 21st position (2nd to 3rd… Ouch).

–          Sites ranking on the first page of Google search results generate 92% of all traffic from an average search. When moving from page one to two, the traffic dropped by 95%, and by 78% and 58% for the subsequent pages.

These are really stats you cannot ignore if you’re trying to make money off of your site… and especially come the holiday season.

Get found on Google

“Wow. Okay. So how do I get started??”

It’s imperative you give yourself and your site ample time for your customized SEO campaign to take effect. Luckily you’ve read this at the prime time (roughly 3 months out from the busy season), and have already made the jump into a more profitable world.

Now it’s time to decide what sort of SEO Campaign is best for your site and get going. The first thing to do is get in touch with an SEO Expert and explain your needs, expectations, and goals. This will help determine the type of SEO Campaign perfect for your e-commerce site.

Time is of the essence, so stop reading this and get in touch with the SEO Experts at SEO Inc. today.

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