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With social media sites consistently growing in popularity, so does the time we spend updating them. And while connecting your Facebook to your Twitter site seems harmless enough, doing the opposite is quite… annoying.

What seems to be appropriate Twitter etiquette is, in fact, completely inappropriate Facebook etiquette. Twitter seems to be in a never-ending state of change. We’re regularly updating what we’re doing, what we’re thinking, who we’re seeing, what Football teams are winning/losing/breaking our hearts. Twitter is basically in a regular state of motion. But seeing your friend’s Twitter updates consuming your Facebook news feed can make you just want to hit that little group segmentation button. It is annoying.  It is bad Facebook etiquette.

At the same time, there are certain occasions when something you post on Twitter is Facebook worthy. What then? Well, in that case turn to Selective Tweets.

The Selective Tweets application allows you to select which of your Tweets will appear on your Facebook wall. You specify which Tweet you would like posted by adding #fb after the specific Tweet.

To connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts via Selective Tweets, login to your Facebook account and follow the link: Click the ‘Go to App’ button directly under the Selective Tweets profile image. A new window will appear and you will be prompted to type in your Twitter account username. Once you hit “Save” a pop-up window will ask you to allow the application access to your basic information. Click “allow” and you’re done.

Now whenever you want something to appear on both your Twitter and Facebook account, here is how it will look like:

Selective Tweets

So this is how Selective Tweets works. It is an excellent option for “selectively” updating Facebook. While that is the case, we have heard of a few small errors occurring here and there. Overall, though, it is a good tool and should help save you some time

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