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SEO Inc. has been known for premium search engine optimization for some time now, but we also have a very strong social media marketing department which offers a wide array of social integration as part of a wider internet marketing strategy.

The Power of Email Marketing & Social Media

Today, eMarketer released an article on combining the power of email marketing and social media. Here are some of the highlights from the report:

“More than four in 10 business executives surveyed by StrongMail said integrating e-mail and social was one of their most important initiatives for 2010, just after improving e-mail performance and targeting and growing opt-in lists.”

“Four-fifths (81%) of marketers surveyed by MarketingSherpa in summer 2009 said social media helped to expand the reach of their e-mail content, most likely because of sharing buttons incorporated into e-mail newsletters. A further 78% said social helped to increase brand awareness.”

From this information we can see that, for many, there is a clear desire to integrate social media with email marketing. And why shouldn’t they want to integrate the two, according to the report 81% of marketers said that social media helped them expand the reach of their shared content.

Every company using social media to support their search engine optimization efforts should also be using it to enhance their email marketing; the entities work beautifully together to build communities. Companies should also use good search engine optimization practices to make their email newsletter content easily accessible outside of the letter. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding email marketing from a SEO and social media standpoint.

  • Add links to your social media profiles in your email newsletters.
  • Add share buttons to the areas where your email newsletter content resides.
  • Encourage email subscribers to share your content on social in your email newsletter.
  • Push your email newsletter content out through your social media accounts.
  • Send out Tweets and updates to make your social communities aware of your newsletters.
  • Optimize your email newsletter content for search.
  • Make sure each element of your email newsletter has a dedicate, keyword rich URL.
  • Archive your past email newsletters on your site using good SEO practices.

These are just some basic ideas for integrating social media and search engine optimization with your email newsletters. Each company has a specific model that must be considered before any of these changes are made. In addition, there are many more creative ways to get subscribers to engage with both communities. Want to hear about them? Give us a call.

How do you integrate your social media and email newsletters? Comment below!

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