Search Engine Adventures – Halloween Special

SEO Adventures: Halloween Special

Search Engine Adventures - Halloween

Somebody’s planning to spook our search engines silly at the Halloween party. Who could it be? We know Google’s no stranger to mixing things up and keeping people guessing. (Panda, anyone?) And we know Yahoo’s got an eye for fun. I mean, come on, she’s got an exclamation point in her logo! Could it be Bing? Hmm…

Whoever it is should have made sure the site of the party was appropriately designed; nothing deters visitors and party-goers like a 404 — seriously scary stuff.

Surely this is just a case of Halloween hijinks. Surely nothing serious could happen. Halloween is harmless.

Isn’t it?

Maybe it’s that shifty-looking Jeeves character. It’s always the butler in mysteries like these.

Tune in next time for more Search Engine Adventures!

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