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Search Engine Adventures: Google’s Latest Masterpiece – The Google Smartphone that does it all

Stick a fork in it – the smartphone wars are done.

That’s what Google would like, anyway. Not content with only an operating system, Google’s latest gadget seeks to crush Apple with the ultimate convenience: an Android device that does it all. And hot on the heels of the iPhone 6, it’s bound to be the highlight of the Search Engine Tech Conference SERP Awards Expo.

Check out its features!

·         Peerless functionality

·         Sleek, futuristic design

·         …Taking all your phone calls?

If only this wasn’t a comic. Sigh.

If Google ever does end up doing something like this, you can bet it’ll make quite the fuss, as he has a penchant for writing (and breaking) all the rules. Just so long as it’s in the name of quality content and relevant SERPs, right?

Tune in next time to for the next Search Engine Adventures!

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