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Redirects and Pinterest Don’t Mesh: Aftermath of Pinterest Spam Updates

This blog post is pretty niche, just FYI. But still important nonetheless. I wanted to write this so that when someone else encountered this issue with Pinterest they didn’t feel alone on the Internet 🙂 So here we go!

Pinterest is no longer allowing redirects cross subdomain! Let us explain.

Say you have a redirect in place from:

URL 1:


URL 2:

Next, say that URL 1 gets pinned on Pinterest. If you click the Pinterest pin to visit the URL Pinterest will not redirect you to the correct URL. They will instead redirect you to the home page of the website!

So what are your options if you are dealing with URLs that redirect from one subdomain to another and the wrong version of the subdomain is pinned?

Options are:

  1. Create two sets of redirects, one for all www and one for all non www:  Need two sets of URLs and need to use rel canonical
  2. Only redirect www and push non www pinterest traffic to home page: Only need one set of urls

No matter what this is not an ideal situation. No one wants multiple versions of the site. Also, no one wants to push a Pinterest user with the intent to see a page that was pinned to the home page. This of course will be avoided if the wrong subdomain is never pinned or as long as no tricky redirects are in place.

There are a couple other important Pinterest subtleties you should be aware of.

Other Pinterest Issues

Anything else you think we should know about Pinterest? Report on it below!

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