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7 MUST-HAVE Elements of a Successful PPC Campaign”

Join us on Wednesday the 27th, 11 AM (PST) for an exclusive PPC webinar!

Following our highly successful SEO webinar on the Top 7 Ranking Factors in 2015, our friends at Convirza invited us for another session. We’ve covered SEO plenty this year, so it was only natural to take our next webinar in a slightly different direction:

WHAT: 7 MUST-HAVE Elements of a Successful PPC Campaign
WHEN: Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 @ 11 AM PST (2 PM EST)
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To make knock-out PPC campaigns!

We’re rather excited about this one. And you should be too! Because these are the 7 things, your PPC campaign needs to reach its target audience and help bring home the big bucks. And to top it all off, we’ll be holding another Q&A session, making for one informative, engaging way to spend your Wednesday.

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What We’ll Talk About

PPC campaigns—make that successful PPC campaigns—are characterized by their efficiency and effectiveness. How effective they are at getting people to click, and how efficiently they use the resources expended to run them (money, human resources, etc.). Our webinar will be aimed at uncovering the elements that make all this come together:

Immediately following our presentation will be a Q&A session. This is your opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of your PPC campaigns. But only if you.

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Alongside SEO services, PPC Management has been one of our primary offerings for nearly two decades. We have experience managing PPC campaigns of all sizes to great success. And of course the campaigns we implement the very things we’ll be discussing in this webinar. So sign up today so you can learn more about them in greater detail!

We hope to see you there!

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