PPC Management is like a Potato Farm

Good PPC Management Means a Happy Potato
Good PPC Management Means a Happy Potato

Pay Per Click Management is like a Potato Farm

PPC Management is as simple as choosing some keywords, creating a few ads, and letting the campaign run, right? Not quite; efficient paid search marketing campaigns require constant upkeep as well as ad and keyword testing.

I read an article on Search Engine Land this morning about crucial steps in building a PPC campaign and completely agree with the “one best piece of advice” that was given. “Once the account is live, it will need to be robust enough to test many different types of targeting, various keywords, ad messages and so on.,

When I create an account, I plan on it growing in the near future. I structure it so that there are many different segments that can be easily and quickly modify or paused without disturbing the rest of the account.

Having grown up on a potato farm, I’d like to use a farming metaphor. When you plant potatoes, you don’t just put them in the ground and move on until harvest time. They need constant attention: watering, fertilizing, and ridding the surrounding area of any weeds. PPC accounts are like potato plants. With constant attention to keyword performance, ad text relevance and many other key factors, your account can flourish.

It always surprises me how certain keywords can outperform what were initially considered more important keywords. If the account was hastily set up and then left to run by itself, many opportunities for conversions would be missed. The harvest would be pretty sad. By constantly monitoring traffic, clicks, conversions, and cost per conversion, essential changes can be made to getting the most bang for your buck. The same goes for ads- your ads should speak to your target audience in a timely and relevant manner.

That’s where having Paid Search Managers like myself come in handy. While you are focusing on doing what you do best, we are making sure that your account is getting the nourishment it needs. Through diligence in analyzing how customers search within your industry, your PPC campaign can more than pull its weight as part of your organic search engine optimization.

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