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The Most Popular Toolbars and Add-ons Used at SEO Inc.

There are many useful and popular browser add-ons and SEO toolbars available to that can make our jobs easier and enhance your search engine optimization strategies. This is a list of the most popular ones being used at SEO Inc.

1) Web developer toolbar: We use this toolbar ALL THE TIME; to check server headers, take a look at the document outline, quickly see what a layout will look like at 800×600 (although no one seems to care anymore), measure something on the screen using the very convenient ruler feature. And once in a while I use the speed report feature to turn my complaints about a slow server into some actual numbers that I can base my recommendation to switch servers on. (FireFox only)

2) Google tool bar: Comes in second because we all have it and use it daily. This was the first tool bar that I felt was worth taking up space on my browser. I have always disliked the AOL, MSN and Yahoo! Toolbars because I could just never find a good reason for them to be there. I have always searched using Google, so it’s nifty to have the search bar always available, plus I like to see page rank. I trust a site more if it has higher page rank. I know page rank is not a very reliable measurement of a site’s standing anymore, and maybe this is irrational, but I just feel better reading something or buying something from a site with good page rank. (Many browsers)

3) Firebug: This one is very popular in the tech department. It is an excellent tool for trouble shooting layout issues and especially CSS problems. The inspect element function gives you the ability to hover over anything in the page and see its containing elements highlighted as well as show up in the code view. We also use it to debug and develop ajax applications, because it’s the only way we know of to see the ajax php response without outputting it as JavaScript. I really love this thing! (FF only)

4) SEO toolbar: Really an all-in-one toolbar I use for reviewing a site’s SEO friendliness, or to check rankings for a keyword in multiple browsers. I also love the keyword density feature and all the link info it provides. We don’t just love and use it because it’s ours, it’s really a great time saving tool to have handy. (Internet Explorer only)

5) FireFtp: This is a great extension that allows you to use FireFox as an FTP client. This is popular in our project management department because it’s straight forward and allows you to quickly and easily transfer files, or just ensure that FTP info is working without having to install and use a separate program. (FF only)

6) IE tab: This add-on is really just an enabler for our FireFox junkies that are so addicted to FireFox that they can’t even bring themselves to open IE to check cross browser compatibility.

7) Multiple IE: This one isn’t really an add-on or a toolbar but it is something browser related that we use A LOT in the tech department here at SEO Inc. This program allows us to have multiple versions of IE installed on our computer, so that we can have IE7 on our computer and still check to see that our work is not messing up the website we are working on in IE6.

A big giant thank you to whoever came up with and developed these, we use them every day and they truly do make our lives easer. I am also looking forward to seeing your favorites, so please post them in the comments area. Thanks!

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