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Poll: Twitter Gets a New Home Page: Do You Like It?

We have discovered that Twitter just created a new home page template with a few design versions! Here is a little information, and then we want to hear what you think!

The new home page is incredibly simple. It has a one basic image and a bright backdrop. The image and the backdrop change when the page is reloaded. The conversion and sign up box are very simple yet prevalent. The sign in button is blue and the sign up button is yellow, giving the later more emphasis.

The new Twitter home page is very compact and small, which seems to suggest they had mobile in mind when launching this design. When I tested this design on the iPhone, it did not render the full desktop version. Instead, it showed a simple blue sign up button and a black sign in button. It also showed the same images in a slow rotating slideshow. I am sure they are doing user agent detection for most mobile phones and then letting lesser known phones view the full desktop version, which is now nice and compact to be mobile friendly.

Overall, the new design feels a little off-brand and different for Twitter. But don’t let me influence your views. Check it out what do you think? View the designs and comment below!

New Twitter Home Page 1
Twitter New Home Page 2
Twitter New Home Page 3

Do you like the new Twitter home page? Let’s get some conversation going. Think about it from a perspective of design, usability, conversions and branding. Comment below!