Ping, Apple’s Social Network for Music Integrates with Twitter

Ping: Apple’s Social Network for Music Intergrates with Twitter

Seems like there is a social network for everything now-a-day, which is actually a good thing. The cool sites will live, the bad sites will die, and eventually, we’ll be stuck with tons of online social entertainment.

Ping, Apple’s social network for music, was launched on September 1, 2010. As of today, Ping now integrates seamlessly with Twitter. This was a brilliant move by Apple. But to fully understand this move you need to know what Ping is and its background.


According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Ping is the Facebook or Twitter for music, watch out MySpace, right? The social media website allows you to follow other users and musicians. The benefit? Users can see what other users and musicians have downloaded and like. In addition, it gives you insight into concerts and live events.

So to drill it down to its absolute nuts and bolts, Ping, is a social media site that allows users to discover, share and download new music. Now why would Apple want to create a music based social network? Well, maybe they wanted to add to the startling amount of downloads that have already taken place in iTunes; 11.7 billion songs, 450 million TV episodes, 100 million books, and 35 million books.

According to Media Beat, Ping is now part of iTunes 10, a new version of the iTunes service which is going live for 160 million iTunes users. Ping is viewable on both your computer and on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

The big news comes with Ping’s new integration with Twitter. This update, which just took place today, will allow Ping users to easily connect to their Twitter account.
Mashable reported on this news by saying:

“The collaboration also means that will now feature iTunes song previews, and support song purchases and downloads directly from tweets. iTunes song previews are available for all users in the 23 countries where iTunes is available.”

“Ping’s Twitter infusion is quite significant. For one, Ping users can now easily find and connect with their Twitter followers, which makes Apple’s social network infinitely more social. Plus, with Twitter users set to automatically share their Ping activity, they’ll be playing a huge role in Ping’s growth.”

Apple has worked in a viral component to the integration. Twitter will be set to automatically share Ping activity, therefore, each update will be known by all Twitter followers. We can expect an increase in Ping growth and iTunes downloads as a result. When it is all said and done, this integration is a huge move for Apple’s Ping network.

Watch out MySpace, your stronghold on the social media music community may be in jeopardy.

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