Conference Recap: Check Out Photos from ConnectHER 2016!

You heard us mention the ConnectHER 2016 conference, now see how it all turned out! Check out this handful of photos from the exclusive, one-day event. We think they do an excellent job of showing off all the entrepreneurial goodness. Cari Bacon, our Senior Project Manager, was in her element as she led two roundtable discussions during the conference.

Check out the photos!

Cari Bacon, SEO Inc.'s Senior Project Manager, led two roundtable discussions at ConnectHER 2016.

Fun and Knowledge from ConnectHER 2016

The first of these was “Navigating Google Analytics: How to Use It Effectively & Get the Best Out of It.” This session provided a basic understanding of the ins and outs of Google Analytics. Cari helped her group define critical terms, set goals, and permanently implement a solid starting strategy for tracking their business or blog’s success with Analytics.

Attendees received some key takeaways to help make the most of Analytics:

  • Where to install code
  • How to choose and set up goals
  • Discover where traffic is coming from

Attendees to ConnectHER received fundamental training on understanding Google Analytics.

Cari’s second panel was called “The SEO Cleanse: The Diet Your Blog Needs.” This one aimed to help bloggers understand the value of search engine optimization, even if they’ve heard otherwise.

Going over SEO strategies like keyword research, content optimization, and linking, Cari offered attendees valuable insight on how to take their blogs to the next level. “SEO is necessary for your site and your blog to reach your audience,” Cari taught. Simple and to the point, no? She expressed the importance of the SEO mindset, how sometimes the arduous task of writing every day and posting on social isn’t enough. However, adding an SEO strategy can enhance an already productive workload.

Cari brought her positive attitude and wealth of SEO knowledge to ConnectHER 2016.
Thanks, ConnectHER! See you next year!

ConnectHER 2016 was a great time, and we’re so proud of Cari for being able to go out there and lend her expertise so effortlessly. We’re grateful to have such a talented leader on our team!

Until next year!

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